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Natural Instinct: ZooLac Propaste - Probiotic Treatment in 15ml, 32ml & 60ml doses

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4.2 billion bacteria per ml: Lactobacillus Pediococcus, Bacillus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, plus vegetable oil, lecithin and stabiliser (E551B) 

Dosage Per Day

Body Weight (kg) Dosage (ml)
Body Weight 0-10kg Dosage 1ml
Body Weight 10-25kg Dosage 2ml
Body Weight 25-50kg Dosage 3ml
Body Weight Over 50kg Dosage 5ml

Product Information

  • The best probiotic on the market
  • 3 actions in one dose
  • Unique practical results for over 10 years
  • Safe and tested product - highly successful
  • Natural Instinct ZooLac Propaste stabilises the digestion and balances the bacterial flora in the intestinal tract by working with the good bacteria and the animal's own immune system.

Natural Instinct ZooLac Propaste contains several types of good and naturally-occurring bacteria with a well-defined effect. The overall effect is therefore very broad and ensures a unique result on the animal.

Natural Instinct ZooLac Propaste's unique composition works mainly by preventing harmful bacteria from attacking the intestinal wall, while the good bacteria attack the harmful ones. The attack is a naturally occurring action that limits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Natural Instinct ZooLac Propaste's unique action means harmful bacteria cannot develop any resistance, which is often the case with antibiotic treatments.

ZooLac Propaste Guide

Download the Zoolac Propaste Guide pdf

Additional Information

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Special Price No

Product FAQs

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Customer Reviews
He thinks it's a sweetie!!! Review by Dawn on 12/03/2018
My border collie absolutely loves this paste. He thinks it's one of his sweets! It works fantastically and his bad guts that provides a smell I can't begin to explain with those bottom burps that keep giving for quite a while!! I am very sure everyone reading this knows what I mean!!
The zoolac is a fantastic product
FANTASTIC PRODUCT A MUST Review by Ewa Kasyan on 24/10/2017
I have had a very poorly 14 year old Jack Russell who was being sick nearly daily for 2 weeks, since using this product and eliminating veg out of his raw diet, he is back to normal and seems to be gaining his weight back. Cant thank you guys enough, saw the product at Discover Dogs! I shall be ordering more when I run out. BIG THUMBS UP Thank you Natural Instinct
Amazing product. Review by Amanda on 24/06/2017
This probiotic sorted my cat out! Brilliant potent stuff yet very gentle.
Only issue I have is the insanely high postage & Packing charges! £6.50 ?!?
That's crazy
Jack Russel ... sorted!! Review by Lucy on 20/05/2017
Been using this product for five days, on our 13 year old jack Russel who regularly has some sort of regurgitation or vomiting on a daily basis! All I can say is.. no vomit or regurgitation since we began to use this five days ago. It seems expensive but 1ml a day is hardly a fortune compared to expensive vet bill! All natural too!! It's a no brainer
Worth every penny Review by Christine on 19/03/2017
I have a Border Terrier who gets an upset stomach (gurgling, diarrhoea etc) if he diverts from his normal diet with so much as a tiny piece of chicken or some toast crumbs. When this happens, he goes downhill fast. A friend suggested ZooLac and it's worked a treat. Now I use it most days to keep his digestion in order. Highly recommended!
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