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DOGA - Yoga for You and Your Dog

In these difficult unprecedented times of global lockdown, practicing Doga on a regular basis can benefit both you and your dog. Through Doga, you can directly affect your dog’s behaviour by simply staying relaxed and centered

​Making the best of Spring during Covid-19

We need to make the most out of this precious time outside. When you’ve fallen off the snack wagon as spectacularly as I have, it’s imperative to get the heart rate up. Try these tips, for the exercise and mental health care you need now more than ever.

Join our Canine Fitness Workouts with Flexipaw Fitness

Natural Instinct are delighted to team up with Flexipaw Fitness to provide home workouts for dogs, led by Canine Fitness Expert, Alison Pearc

Natural Instinct: Separation anxiety and dogs

What happens when lockdown is over? Media, both mainstream and social, is awash with advice on how to help your dog cope while you’re all at home. But how is your dog going to react when everyone goes back to work, school, and just out and about generally?