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Calm your dog with Reggae or Roald Dahl this Bonfire night!

The lovely Kirsten Dillon recommends reggae music or a calming audiobook of Roald Dahl stories to help the nation’s dogs cope with firework induced stress and anxiety.

The benefits of bones and how to feed them

Bones can be the ultimate special treat for dogs to get their teeth into but are also one of the most common concerns for owners wanting to raw feed their dog.

Kirsten Dillon on being a 'Pack Leader'!

“Love and cherish your dog and spoil them rotten if you want, because that’s what they deserve”

Teach your dog how to 'Trick for Treats' this Halloween

This Halloween, we are teaming up with Bella, a very special cocker spaniel and her owner Lynn Stacey, to prove to the nation anyone can teach their dog new tricks!