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Debunking the label with Kirsten Dillon - Part 2

Last month’s blog post, looked into how dogs were biologically classified as ‘carnivorous scavengers’, meaning that their diet should mostly consist of meat, and be obtained via their natural behaviours of scavenging and foraging.

Debunking the label with Kirsten Dillon - Part 1

17 Jun 2020 08:55:38

Dogs are often labelled ‘domesticated wolves’ or described as being descended from wolves and as such are sometimes thought of as hunters. The truth of the matter is that none of the above is actually true. Our domestic pet dogs shared a common ancestor with today’s wolves, but the species split away from that common ancestor, and some of the resulting animals went on to develop into wolves and some to become our domestic dogs.

An interview with world class agility trainer and valued member of Agility Team GB, Dave Munnings

Natural Instinct has worked with world class agility trainer, Dave Munnings for a number of years, sponsoring his beautiful dogs. A well-known agility trainer and a valued member of Agility Team GB, Dave is passionate about keeping all canines healthy with a nutritious, raw food diet. We caught up with Dave about his career, his dogs, and his love of Natural Instinct raw pet food.

Natural Instinct: Separation Anxiety Post Lockdown

Three quarters (75%) of dog owners would feel happier heading back into the workplace after lockdown if they can bring their dog with them, according to new research from premium raw pet food brand Natural Instinct.