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Natural Instincts Natural Dog Food Special Diet

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British beef white tripe (50%), British chicken with bone (20%), carrot, apple, butternut squash, British beef liver (5%), spinach, sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil, Brewer's yeast


Vitamin C (50mg per kg)


Moisture 76.3%, Protein 14.8%, Fat 4.6%, Fibre 0.4%, Calcium 0.4%, Phosphorus 0.3%, Sodium 0.1%, Inorganic Matter 1.8%

Product Information

A frozen complete and balanced raw food for dogs (available in 1kg or 2x500g portions)

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Customer Reviews
Literally a Lifesaver! Review by Kerys Jordan on 26/01/2017
My dog, Gus the Weimeraner, was severely ill, suffering multiple painful bouts of cramping and sickness. Before Christmas he has a particularly bad episode where he was put on antacids, painkillers (2 types) and anti-biotics (again!). He was suffering rumbly tums and pain daily and looked extremely bloated. The vets were unable to pinpoint the root cause despite tests and I was really worried we would lose him.

I had tried a number of diet changes, Hills, Royal Canin, Applaws, cereal free, lactose free and low fat and none of them had made a significant or lasting improvement.

In desperation I decided to try raw and ordered Natural instinct Special Diet.

He has been on the diet for a month, I give him 4 meals a day and the improvement is dramatic. He has only had 2 short bouts of rumbly tum but no vomiting and no prolonged signs of pain. He is off all medication and the bloating has gone.

Most importantly we have the old Gus back, he is playful and seems much more comfortable in his own skin. His ears are not irritating him and his coat, teeth and wind are all improved.

Our other dog is also on the raw diet now and he loves it. He didn't have any specific health issues to address but he came to us with bad teeth and his breath is very much improved.

Both dogs have much better stools, although the difference in colour was alarming at first. They are solid and smell much less than they did.

Overall, I am feeling optimistic that we have a proper resolution to our problem with Gus and I hope that the current level of health I maintained.

The customer service is excellent and the deliveries very efficient. I am very pleased.
A house favourite Review by Hayley and Lady Gwen the Corgi on 21/01/2016
I was so pleased to find out that my corgi absolutely adored this food! Corgis do have a tendency to be a bit chunky so I love being able to give mine something nutritious, tasty, and not too fattening!! Well done!
Weight loss Review by Carole Allcorn on 16/10/2015
My Toy Poodle ruptured her cruciate ligament and it was imperative that she lost some weight as we did not want her to have an operation as she is 13 years old. She has been on the special diet ever since and it keeps her weight down and we have had no tummy upsets can't praise this product enough.She is running around like a puppy !!
Superb Review by ben werth on 11/08/2015
3 year old Hungarian Vizsla, has a history from birth of tummy problems and only previous food that kept this in check was Wafcol Salmon and Potato. However the side effects were an overweight dog.

Hesitantly switched to this product having read previous reviews and the improvement in weight, appearance and general well being has been remarkable.

An absolute first class product.

Easy to order and delivered next day most of the time.
Pancreatitis Super Food Review by Mrs T on 19/04/2015
We have a Weimaraner who had serious pancreatitis (not diet related- possibly genetic) and related SIBO, after trying Hills Prescription i/d low fat, Denes tinned low fat, nothing seemed to work, until research showed raw food was the answer. It's been 2 months now and our Weimaraner is 10.5yrs and acting like a pup again, back to her normal self which is fast fast fast!! Thank you Natural diet, highly recommend to anyone!
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