Natural Dog Food

The Natural Dog Food range is packed full of 100% British meats with the freshest fruit and vegetables.  This range offers specialised recipes for different needs and life stages of your dog.  With no need for supplements, the Natural range provides your dog with a complete balanced and healthy BARF diet. Choose from a range of rich and tasty flavours to find your dog's new favourite raw dog food and help keep them satisfied and full of life.

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  1. Puppy & Kitten Weaning Paste

    Puppy & Kitten Weaning Paste

    From £2.52
    For 1x500g
  2. Natural Instinct: ZooLac Propaste - Probiotic Treatment in 15ml, 32ml & 60ml doses

    ZooLac Propaste

    From £10.80
  3. Natural Instinct Natural Dog Food Senior 1kg

    Natural Senior

    From £3.85
    For 1kg
  4. Natural Instincts Natural Dog Food Special Diet 1kg

    Natural Special Diet

    From £4.35
    For 1kg
  5. Natural Instinct: Natural Dog Food Puppy 1kg

    Natural Puppy

    From £1.95
    For 1x500g
  6. Natural Instinct: Natural Dog Food - Lamb 1kg

    Natural Lamb

    From £6.05
    For 1kg
  7. Natural Instinct: Natural Dog Food - Chicken & Lamb 1kg

    Natural Chicken & Lamb

    From £4.35
    For 1kg
  8. Natural Instinct: Natural Dog Food - Chicken 1kg

    Natural Chicken

    From £3.50
    For 1kg
  9. Natural Beef Tripe

    Natural Beef Tripe

    From £4.61
    For 1kg

Showing 12 Items