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Natural Instinct: Pure Dog & Cat Food - Pure Turkey

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British turkey with bone (100%)


Moisture 58.8%, Protein 15.7%, Fat 16.9%, Fibre 1.8%, Calcium 2.0%, Phosphorus 1.1%, Sodium 0.1%, Inorganic matter 6.1%

Product Information

A frozen complementary raw food for dogs and cats. Ideal for creating your own recipes at home.

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Customer Reviews
Excellent product Review by Janette Cripps on 23/04/2018
This was my 1st order & wasn't sure what to expect. I used to get turkey mince for my father & son border collies but it was nowhere near the quality of this Pure Turkey. Order arrived on date stated. Monty devoured a whole 454g pack with relish. I gave him half & he demanded the other half !!!
Not unpleasant to handle, no awful smell. A very good intro to BARF for beginners.
Have to get a bigger freezer methinks as I'll be ordering again.
Life is great on Natural Instinct. Review by Unknown on 22/07/2014
Ruff ruff I am a Springador fed raw food! I love natural instinct and my owners love to see me eating the food of my ancestors. When I go out on adventures other humans always say how shiny and glossy my coat is. And when I see my friends I feel like I have so much more energy to play, and this lasts all through the day! Which is great as oh did i mention I am a Springador.. and I love being hip and happy!

But the main thing that NI food has helped me with was my icky tummy. I had such trouble with that cooked commercial food which was labeled 'balanced and nutritious' when I started showing colitis like symptoms at 8 months old. My owners tried all sorts of foods for me but nothing seemed to work. I remember that night when I did a terrible accident in the house and felt so ashamed, but I just couldn't handle the food I was eating. I lost 3kg of weight in 4 weeks during a real bad spell and my owners were desperate for a cure.. but raw food wasn't suggested or recommended!

After lots of research, and then a switch to a homeopathic vet, I eventually tried raw food. Yum!! I actually tried a few different brands first but my, erm, poop, was still a bit yucky and I still felt tired. Hummm. Then I tried NI food. Starting with just pure chicken. And after 2 days there was no diarrhoea or other colitis symptoms. Zip. None. Nada!

My owners thought this was far good to be true. So they introduced new flavours duck, beef, tripe and turkey (my fave) And after this went ok I got a whole rainbow of nommy things like chicken wings and carcasses, duck necks and play bones. And still NO problems with my tummy. Nothing!

I also have a horrid degenerative disease: hip displasia :( Which can make me stiff and weak all across my spine and hind legs at the end of the day. However after 3 weeks eating NI I started to show less stiffness and more elasticity. My vet analysed my gait and noticed how much longer my strides are! Raw food must be the answer to this, I've never felt better!

My owners only give me the pure range because of a possible fish allergy which means I cant tolerate your other ranges but the pure range is great anyway. My owners like to add other fresh stuff to my meals, I get a variety of seasonal veg, berries, etc. Or just simple pure meat and bone on some days! I also regularly get butchers food and other forms of raw meat like whole game and large offal but I will almost always have some NI on the side to keep me all balanced.

So since I have been eating NI I have gained weight gradually to reach my optimum weight. It has cured my colitis. It has relieved some pain associated with my HD. And I feel healthy, happy and strong like the wolf I was born to be!! My owners will be back for more and more and more. Thank you.

Happy paws, x
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