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Natural Puppy (Chicken & Beef Liver)

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British chicken with bone (80%), carrot, British beef liver (5%), apple, butternut squash, spinach, sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil & Brewer's yeast


Moisture 67.9%, Protein 15.5%, Fat 11.2%, Fibre 1.0%, Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorus 0.7%, Sodium 0.1%, Inorganic Matter 3.8%

Product Information

A frozen complete and balanced raw food for dogs (available in 2x250g, 2x500g & 1kg portions)

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Limited Edition? No
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Delivery Charges within the UK

5-24 kilos = £7.50

24-35 kilos = £10.00


*Excludes Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands.

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Customer Reviews
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Fantastic food and service Review by Emma on behalf of Bilbo the Cocker Spaniel on 04/01/2021
I have recently moved my 5 month old Cocker onto this as my partner and I were fed up with all the chemicals in dry and wet food and the way it smelt. We wanted to feed raw but did not want to faff around putting meals together or going to the butchers for meat. When the food arrives it is easy to store even in a small feeezer, and it defrosts quicky. The most important thing though is that Bilbo loves it. He comes running at the sound of the box opening and licks the bowl clean. We have noticed such a difference in his digestion and also his temperment - he's not getting those puppy zoomies after eating, is calmer in the day and sleeps like a log. His fur is sleeker, and as he is teething the softness of the food is gentle on his mouth. We think it is also great value for money when you compare it to up-market dry/wet food brands. Essentially, this is the perfect ready meal for puppies.
Best food ever Review by Louisa on 04/10/2020
My puppy has been on raw since 8 weeks old. Loves it so much. Loves his food. Would never feed him anything else. My bernese mountain dog has been on natural instinct for years and you can tell the difference between a raw fed dog and one that isn’t.
A raw fed dog has such a shiney coat, healthy teeth. Never have an upset stomach.
The play bones have been amazing for my puppy dachshund slinky keep him entertained for ages.
So amazing!! Review by Yasmeen on 01/03/2020
We have been transitioning our new border collie puppy Kobie onto a raw diet from kibble and I can't believe how much he loves it! He literally goes mental as soon as he can smell it in his food bowl. I went into the Camberley store to ask advice about transiting him onto the raw diet and the staff was so helpful and gave me all the information I needed. I'm really looking forward to continuing our raw food journey and trying out some more treats for him!
Oh so amazing! Review by Yasmeen on 01/03/2020
I can't believe how much our new border collie puppy, Kobie, is loving this raw food. We are transitioning him onto it from kibble and as soon as he smells his food bowl he goes absolutely mental!! So much so he lick the bowl crazily and starts trying to chew it at which point we swiftly remove the bowl! The staff at the Camberley store were so helpful with giving me advice on the switch and walked away with really useful reading material and a few tasty treats for Kobie to try. I was hesitant about choosing to feed him raw, but have to say it's the best decision we've made for him so far. I'm looking forward to continuing our raw food journey and trying out more varieties once he gets older!
Great food & delivery Review by Emma on 31/01/2020
We have fed our Cavapoo this since bringing her home at 8 weeks old after the recommendation from the breader. She loves the food and has never had a bad stomach, her coat is super shiny & never has bad breath. The staff are always super friendly on the phone and delivery although slightly expensive is always very quick and efficient.
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