Dogs & Puppies

    • How much should I feed my dog? 

      Variable factors like lifestyle, appetite and temperament can all impact on a pet’s eventual weight, which is why there is no substitute for knowing your pet.  

      We recommend that a healthy dog should have a natural waist and that you should be able to feel, but not see, their ribcage. 

      As a rule of “paw”, an adult dog should eat around 2% to 3% of its ideal body weight per day.  For example, a dog weighing 10kg should eat 200g to 300g of Natural Instinct raw pet food per day.  

      As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages. 

    • What should I feed my puppy? 

      Natural Instinct yummy puppy recipes of course!  

      Our complete puppy recipes contain the correct calcium to phosphorous ratio, fat and offal content which are vital for optimum growth and development. 

      If you have a Dalmatian puppy please contact us directly for advice as this breed have different feeding requirements.  

      If your puppy has not eaten raw food before you should follow our transition advice which can be found here.

    • How much should I feed my puppy?  

      Following on from our Weaning Paste, at about 8 weeks of age puppies will need approximately 5% to 6% of their body weight per day until they are fully grown, spread across 3-4 meals a day 

      Once your puppy is fully grown, we recommend feeding 2% to 3% of their ideal body weight per day This should be reduced gradually.

      Weigh your puppy regularly to ensure you are feeding the correct amounts. 

      As a guide, use our Food Calculator which you can find on our product pages.

    • When can my puppy transition on to adult food?  

      We recommend feeding your puppy Natural Instinct complete puppy recipes until your puppy is at least 75% of their adult weight.  

      When transitioning your puppy on to adult recipes, use chicken or turkey recipes as these will be gentle on your puppy’s tummy.  

      We do not advise feeding the Working Dog Range when very young (other than the Working Dog Puppy recipe), as this range contains added vitamin C and could hinder your puppy’s natural production of vitamin C.  

    • Can I feed my puppy bones and treats?  

      We have a great range of treats, perfect for puppies!  Our Beef Jerky is a popular choice for training, as are our yummy Lamb Lites.  You will find further details of our all our Treats & Bones here.

      We do not recommend introducing our small or large play bones to puppies until they have all their adult teeth. 

      Ensure that your puppy has been fed Natural Instinct for a month before introducing a recreational bone into their diet.

      Always follow the three ‘S’s’ when feeding bones.  

      • Supervise- ensure that your puppy is always supervised.  
      • Separate- in multi pet households ensure that pets are separated to avoid conflict.  
      • Size- You may initially have to teach your puppy to eat bones. Start with a bone larger than the size of your pet’s head to ensure it can’t be swallowed whole

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