Pure Cat Food

Our Pure Cat Food range offers a complementary food for all types of cats. Create your own tailored healthy cat food recipes with 100% pure British meats. The recipes are great for creating your own healthy raw cat food at home too! 

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  1. Natural Instinct: Pure Dog & Cat  Food - Pure Turkey 1kg

    Pure Turkey

    From £3.40
    For 1kg
  2. Natural Instinct: Pure Dog Food - Green Tripe 1kg

    Pure Green Tripe

    From £4.05
    For 1kg
  3. Natural Instinct: Pure Dog & Cat Food - Duck 1kg

    Pure Duck

    From £6.19
    For 1kg
  4. Pure Chicken

    Pure Chicken

    From £3.25
    For 1kg

Showing 5 Items