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Lavender treats skin conditions and relieves tension and anxiety. Chamomile has a whole host of health benefits including calming the nerves whist raising the spririt. For the skin Chamomile is an antibiotic and anti inflammatory. Ylang Ylang is very soothing and calming for the mind, encourages cell regeneration and it smells so divine. Aloe Vera helps maintain a healthy skin condition, reducing scurfy skin issues, together with numerous other benefits for the skin. As you can see Health Mutt's shampoo has been blended with your dogs physical, mental and emotional health at it’s very heart. This shampoo works to soothe all aspects.

Paraben & SLS/SLES Free – Why?

All of our Health Mutt shampoo’s are organic, paraben and sulfate free because we are absolutely dedicated to looking after your dogs mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Parabens basically imitate hormones and have an adverse effect on the endocrine system, they have also been linked to certain types of cancer. Sulfates are very harsh on the skin and only used to create foam. We are all so used to foam meaning ‘clean’ and that’s simply not the case. Yours and your dogs shampoo’s don’t need harmful sulfates in them. They have have also been linked to birth defects and other health issues. As a result Health Mutt would rather not use them in their products. This means Health Mutt's shampoo’s shelf life is 12 months rather than 24 months but who keeps a bottle of dog shampoo for 2 years?

• Health Mutt's shampoo and conditioner are certified Organic

• Health Mutt's products contain organic and natural ingredients

• Health Mutt only use the purest essential oils or natural extracts

• Health Mutt oil blend smells wonderful and your dog will too

• Top quality product for a competitive price

• Recyclable aluminium bottle


Dilute 1 part shampoo to 3 parts water and apply to wet coat. Avoid ears, eyes and mouth. Work to a lather while massaging coat and rinse well. If your dog was dirty wash a second time. Health Mutt's range is suitable for all skin and coat types and leaves the skin and coat feeling refreshed, nourished, healthy and clean.

Why do I need to dilute the shampoo?

Health Mutt's shampoo is great value for money as it’s extremely concentrated. Dilute it one part shampoo to three parts water before applying to your dog.

How often should I bathe my dog?

Health Mutt's shampoo’s are gentle and free of nasties and if necessary you could use this weekly. Monthly is more appropriate for dogs though.

How old should my dog be to be bathed?

Health Mutt's products are safe to use on dogs from the age of 12 weeks.

Why don’t I get as many bubbles as other shampoo’s when I bath my dog in Health Mutt’s products?

Because Health Mutt don’t use nasties! SLS/SLES make suds and as already described these may cause a whole host of problems and it's not the suds that get your dog clean - we are all just used to seeing them. You will get suds when you use our shampoo - just not to the extent as other shampoos that do contain those chemicals. Your dog will be clean after using our shampoo as instructed. Follow with a conditioner and your dog will be clean, fresh, soothed and relaxed and their skin and system wont be bombarded with totally unnecessary chemicals.

Restrictions For Use

We wouldn't recommend that you use this on pregnant or nursing dogs or very tiny puppies. We have a shampoo called 'clean' that doesn't contain any essential oils yet is still kind on the skin due to the Aloe Vera. This is a safer option for pregnant and nursing mums and their tiny puppies.

We always recommend a patch test of any product. Apply a little to the skin - wait 24 hours and if no reaction apply as normal.

Health Mutt products are not designed to be used on cats.

Available in 125ml and 250ml

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Delivery Charges within the UK

5-24 kilos = £7.50

24-35 kilos = £10.00


*Excludes Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands.

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Customer Reviews
Very cleansing and soothing Review by Harvey on 26/03/2017
I really like this shampoo, its incredibly thick and goes along way. Its very cleansing but gentle on your dogs skin. My dog seems to like it (that says a lot as he HATES baths).
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