All About Raw!

  • What is Natural Instinct raw food?  

    Natural Instinct raw pet food is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (“BARF”) for dogs and cats providing a balanced, nutritional and delicious diet.  

    Our recipes are packed full of the highest quality produce. Ingredients range from a wide variety of raw meats with bone and offal to a selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables.  

    Natural supplements are also included, packed full of additional vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients such as sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil and spinach. 

  • What ingredients do you use in your recipes? 

    All our recipes are made using meats and poultry and ethically sourced fish with the freshest fruit and vegetables.   

    We do not use any artificial additives, colours, preservatives, fillers or grains.   

    This will sometimes mean that our products may vary in colour and texture from batch to batch, but we never use any nasties. 

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  • Is it more expensive to feed Natural Instinct? 

    It costs approximately £1.75 per day to feed a 25kg dog*. With a healthier pet, trips to the vet should be reduced too! (*based on Natural Chicken as at February 2023).

  • Is it safe for my dog to eat bones? 

    The simple answer is yes, provided they haven’t been cooked first as this makes them brittle which potentially could cause serious damage to your dog’s gut. Also, do not allow your dog to eat bones which have dried out as these can also splinter like cooked bones and become dangerous.

    Dogs need to learn how to chew bones. Chewing on raw bones also helps to clean a dog’s teeth.

    It is important when giving your dog anything to chew that you select an appropriate sized bone according to your dog’s age, size, breed and experience.

    You must supervise your dog when feeding them bones and do remember the three S's

    • Supervise - Always supervise your pet when feeding bones.
    • Separate - If you have a multi-dog household separate them when feeding bones to avoid fights.
    • Size - You may initially have to teach your pet to eat bones, especially if they like to gulp their food.  Start with a bone larger than the size of your pet’s head to ensure it can’t be swallowed e.g. a cow femur (knuckle end) for giant breeds.
  • What is the bone content in Natural Instinct raw pet food? 

    The amount of bone in our recipes is within the recommended 10%.  

    Recipes that contain tripe such as Natural Tripe & Turkey and Working Dog Chicken & Tripe contain naturally lower amounts of bone. We also have some bone free recipes such as Natural Beef Tripe, Pure Beef and Pure Green Tripe.  

  • Why do you not include offal in all your recipes? 

    We do not include offal in all our recipes as there are some dogs and breeds that do not tolerate it well.   

  • Do you have 80:10:10 recipes? 

    80:10:10 recipes are meat:bone:offal. This ratio is formulated for owners who make their own raw food diet for their pets and may not be using ingredients such as fruit and vegetables as well as salmon oil, flaxseed oil, sea kelp, spinach and spirulina which we use in our foods.   

    The bone in our food is ground to ensure optimum absorption of calcium.    

    The combination of ingredients ensures that our complete recipes have all the goodness that your dog and cat needs. 

  • Do I need to add supplements or other food to Natural Instinct raw pet food? 

    Our Natural, Working Dog and Cat food ranges are all complete recipes, so you do not need to add anything to these.   

    Our Pure range is a complementary pet food range for both dogs and cats and can be used alongside our complete foods or as a base for homemade raw feeding for dogs and cats.  You will need to add supplements if feeding recipes just from our Pure range to ensure it is complete and balanced; always follow professional advice from your vet or pet nutritionist. 

  • Can I feed my pet pasta or rice with Natural Instinct pet food?  

    Feeding pasta and rice is a big NO.   

    There is little to no nutritional value in pasta and rice for dogs and cats apart from calories which are difficult for carnivores to digest.  

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