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Natural Instinct are proud sponsors of Agility Team GB

World Class Agility Trainer and valued member of Agility Team GB, Dave Munnings

In 2014, Dave made the decision to transition his dogs to a raw food diet and he first met the Natural Instinct team at Crufts dog show. "I talked to a lot of food companies, but Natural Instinct really stood out to me. Their food is amazing quality and there’s loads of meal choices.  My dogs absolutely love it, and if they could talk I know they’d tell you how amazing the food is - they devour it in about ten seconds! It’s great for me too - I order it online and it’s always delivered the next day."

Dave saw first-hand the benefits a raw diet was having on his dogs’ health. Their teeth were cleaner, energy levels higher, stools smaller and less odorous, and they no longer suffered from diarrhoea, as they had done on previous diets.

"I am so grateful to Natural Instinct, their food is one of the most important factors in my dogs’ training and conditioning programmes, giving them the right fuel to get optimal results."

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Colin & Molly, The Pet Detective

"I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to ensure your dog is given a natural and healthy balanced diet. I achieve this by feeding Molly, the UK's only Cat Detection Dog, raw dog food only from Natural Instinct.  Their wide range of nutritious meals meet the exact needs of one of the country's most successful search dogs, ensuring that she remains in tip top condition and ready for the next search challenge."

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Dog AID  

From the first moment we met Sandra from Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability), Natural Instinct wanted to get involved with this dog-centric charity. Although the basic premise of this programme is to train dogs to help their physically disabled owners live a more fulfilling and independent life, what really makes this life-changing charity truly distinct is the fact that it's the family pet and not a specially bred pup that takes the lead in its owner’s retraining. 

Dog A.I.D. taps into strong ties and mutual trust that already exist between owner and pet. By ensuring that it is the owner who is tasked with his or her pet’s retraining programme, (ably assisted by their trainers) this is a genuine, ahead-of-its-time charity that works tirelessly to foster and advance the evolving, mutually beneficial relationship that naturally exists between an eager-to-please pooch and its owner. 

"Natural Instinct chose to sponsor 2 of our clients which has meant a great deal to those clients and further cements the relationship with the charity. Natural Instinct's generosity knows no bounds, they have agreed this year to not only give clients a discount but have extended it to our wonderful volunteer trainers as they understand the impact these people have on the lives of our clients, being able to negotiate this is a great way to show the charities gratitude particularly at this time and also increase the client base for Natural Instinct." 

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Lowland Search and Rescue 

“It takes approximately 2 years to fully train a search dog to nationally recognised qualifications. The dogs then provide a fast, efficient and effective search asset to assist in the rescue of someone who is vulnerable, missing and needs finding fast. As a unit we are called out by Thames Valley Police who put their trust in our professionalism. The deployment of search dogs often provides some small piece of comfort and reassurance to the family and friends of missing people and there is no better feeling in the world than returning someone to a place of safety.

Natural Instinct’s donation will help us to keep Beau and Rip in tip-top condition to continue their searches!”The Natural Instinct Working Dog Food recipes include a high meat content, vegetables, fruit and added vitamin C to ensure working dogs get everything they need to stay nutritionally healthy, energetic and active. Catering for all tastes a variety of meat recipes are available in the Working Dog range. These include duck, chicken and tripe, turkey, beef and chicken and many more."

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Dobermann Rescue UK & Europe

"We are so thrilled to have the support of Natural Instinct. The food donated to our rescues has been beyond generous and all our dogs are huge fans of the delicious raw meals. We’re very grateful for the continued support as we work to find forever homes for our Dobermann rescues”.

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National Animal Welfare Trust 

"In 2017 Natural Instinct made a donation of raw food to the National Animal Welfare Trust Hertfordshire Centre as a result of an online competition. The prize was given to Valentina, a stray who had been at the centre for some weeks and had shown little appetite for food or life in general. When she was fed on Natural Instinct, animal care staff saw a change in Valentina, as she started to perk up and eat, engage with her carers and enjoy life. Natural Instinct continued to donate food for Valentina right up to the point that she went off very happily to her forever home.

Since then, Natural Instinct have kindly donated hundreds of kilos of raw food to the Hertfordshire centre. This has been fed to those individual dogs who have experienced particular difficulty in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. The raw complete meals that Natural Instinct donate to us turn out to be exactly what some of the dogs that come into our care need. We are very grateful to Natural Instinct for their support and for managing to continue donating raw food through the Covid19 Pandemic."

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Auriane & Laula

"Laula has been on Natural Instinct coming up to 3 years now and we have loved the transformation! We are always busy showing at championship level, gundog training and getting involved in demos across the country, so having a good diet is essential! Laula absolutely loves playing with her ball and dummy and greeting all those around her."

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"Enviro-Dogs are the UK’s leading supplier of dry rot detection dogs. We provide dogs that can search where a traditional surveyor cannot access. Through this we help protect and preserve the UK’s heritage for generations to come. Alongside this work, our lead trainer Mark Doggett, also works as a consultant on specialist detection projects in the conservation and biological detection areas."

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Part of the Family Dog Rescue
"I am so very grateful to Natural Instinct for kindly sending me deliveries of damaged stock for our rescue dogs. Natural Instinct's excellent food is such an important part of their recovery"

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Tessa Swan & Kratu the Rescue Dog


"Natural Instinct provide the best food for my dogs. Natural Instinct have sponsored my dogs for the last 4 years.  Now the dogs are a little older and less active the Natural Special Diet keeps them in good shape and excellent health. They love their dinner time! I love my dogs, so I feed the best possible diet for their health and well-being.


I not only highly recommended Natural Instinct for their food but also for being the kindest, most caring and wonderfully supportive company that helps many rescue dogs and charities. Thank you, Natural Instinct, for the food and support over the years."


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Appledown Rescue and Rehoming Kennels


"Natural Instinct are truly wonderful supporters of our dogs. We received this amazing donation and Marley, who has needed a lot of medical help, was very happy to assist with the unloading. We use raw food alongside the complete, particularly for dogs who need building up or have skin issues. Thank you so much to all at Natural Instinct."


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