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Your Dog Could Find Its Way Home? Who Knew?!

By Anna Webb – Broadcaster, Author, Trainer, studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) 9 months ago 6008 Views

We’re all familiar with the iconic tale ‘Lassie Come Home’ by Eric Knight. The original film version starred Elizabeth Taylor and Roddy McDowell - a blockbuster of its day!

Lassie’s journey was fictional and inspired by many anecdotal stories of dogs remarkably ‘finding their own way home’ from unknown locations.

Dogs and other animals, especially cats, have an uncanny way of finding their way home from unfamiliar places, it’s as if they have an in-built Sat-Nav or an innate sense of direction.

In 2016 a working Border Collie named Pero hit the news after making an extraordinary 240mile trip back to his birthplace in Wales all the way from Cumbria.

Lassie’s journey was of course fictional, but Pero’s is an example of hundreds of anecdotal cases that are very factual.

Homing pigeons can find their way back to their lofts from hundreds of miles away. There is still no rigorous scientific explanation to how pigeons do this!

Neither can science explain how dogs frequently find their way back home from an unknown location hundreds of miles away.

Dr Rupert Sheldrake is the world’s pre-eminent ‘paranormal scientist’. He has investigated the phenomena of ‘sense’ of direction, which is an example of ESP or the ‘sixth’ sense.

Other examples include the sense of ‘telepathy’ or ‘premonitions’. Some people call it being ‘psychic’, which falls beyond the limits of quantum physics and traditional science.

In Sheldrake’s landmark book “Dogs That Know when their Owners Are Coming Home”, he presents his view based on this theory of ‘Morphic Fields’. He describes this as a type of energetic connection or complex social bond between all living creatures.

He describes the connection between owners and their dogs (and cats!) as being similar to an invisible elastic band or a magnetic attraction.

The knowingness of dogs means they can ‘home’ to their person, not just a place. There’s the heroic case of Tim the Irish Terrier that homed to find his master all the way from Wales to the frontline in Normandy during World War 1.

Skeptics of a ‘sixth sense’ argue that a dog uses his sense of smell prompted by familiar landmarks and routine to find their way home. However, science admits that even a dog’s immense sense of smell would be insufficient from Wales to a battlefield in Normandy.

Sheldrake explores many ‘unexplained’ phenomena like the ability of dogs to ‘know’ when they’re about to arrive home when travelling in a car. He also investigated thousands of cases where dogs know when their owners are coming home.

Reading “Dogs that Know when their owners come home” clarified many uncanny experiences with my first Mini Bull, Molly. Once we found ourselves lost on Dartmoor bereft of a sat nav or mobile as both had lost reception.

“Continue forwards for seven miles” that was the last command our GPS uttered!

As the fog got thicker and the road turned into a track, my cortisol levels were rising! Molly sat bolt upright on the passenger seat of our Mini. She started nudging my left arm and turning to look out of the back window.

Anna’s gang, home sweet home!

Then she looked to the side and back again. I exclaimed: “I know we’re lost! You’re right. Let’s turn around!”

We found a pub where I could use a landline, notifying our friends (whom we were visiting) to collect us.

Gremlin my streetcat has shown an uncanny ‘knowingness’ on many an occasion. Mr Binks knows when I’m thinking about a walk. He jumps to attention before I’ve said a word.

No one can dispute the bond between our pets. Their natural ‘psychic’ ability adds another dimension to them being ‘man’s best friend’.

Rewarding this friendship by nurturing optimum health for me is a given by feeding them as nature intended on a raw balanced diet like Natural Instinct. Make sure you check out their tasty treats too!

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