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Why a Good Diet and Exercise are Inextricably Linked!

By Kate Bendix; broadcaster, journalist, founder of My Itchy Dog 3 months ago 2339 Views

There is a dog point to this story so bear with.

I try to eat well throughout the week: no cake, biscuits or pasta, that kinda thing. And for the most part that works well for me. I also train twice a week, a new activity, which while masochistic is doing me the world of good both physically and mentally. And I have more energy to get through the week. Yeah I know I’m a flippin saint. Don’t worry the total honesty bit is coming up right now.

At the weekend however it’s a different story. I’m not too bad on a Sunday but on a Saturday it’s like I’ve decided today is calorie and carbs amnesty day and I go a bit crazy. It’s all about the bacon sandwich, chocolate Guiness cake or some such, or a cream tea followed by coma inducing pasta for dinner. Honestly, by three o’clock I’m ready for a kip and spend a good two hours sleeping.

My blood sugar has ramped up then plummeted, my liver is saying to me “what the actual?” struggling to process it all and I spend the day in a sluggish haze. So why do I do it?

Partly because it makes for a delicious day, but partly because I’m tired from the week and want as easy a ride as possible. No thinking about marinating salmon or what veg to eat, I just don’t want to, Netflix beckons!

Here comes the dog bit.

So, if that’s happening to me one day a week when I eat highly processed and carbohydrate heavy meals then it’s definitely happening to your dog if they’re eating the same kind of stuff, only in dog food form, and seven days a week.

Often a dog is also eating the same food, day in day out, and not getting the exercise it needs, which exacerbates the problem.

Our dogs are now suffering the same diseases in later life that we do: obesity, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease and diabetes. This is a new phenomenon, rarely seen by vets even 30 years ago.

One begets the other: if a dog is eating a great diet they have better energy, are less restless, in better health and more likely to want to exercise. If fed a highly processed diet, a dog is likely to be lethargic, overweight, developing chronic, life limiting diseases earlier in life. I know, I’m like the angel of death!

So, while I’m sure all your dogs are getting the requisite amount of exercise, if they’re eating a highly processed diet and getting fat, for instance, then arthritis is going to set in earlier, they will exercise less which in turn will make them pile on more weight.

So, what to do?

If you want to have a svelte, bright eyed, glossy coated and energetic dog, like a L’Oreal ad only for dogs, obviously, then try changing their diet to something far less processed. Because, they’re worth it. And you’ll save a ton of cash at the vets later on too.

Most of us are pressed for time and want to spend our hard-earned cash on something the dog will eat every day without any fuss. Because who in their right mind wants to struggle feeding the dog when everyone else in the house is being fussy too? Certainly not me.

So, you’re looking for something as unprocessed as possible, healthy, cost effective, palatable, you don’t have to cook, that the dog enjoys.

Then I heartily recommend giving frozen raw food from Natural Instinct a go. It does all of the above.

  • Unprocessed – Fresh food, using 100% British meats and the freshest fruit and veg, mixed together in various flavours, then packed and frozen. About as unprocessed as it gets.
  • Healthy – because it’s raw your dog is getting everything in a bioavailable form. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are all there so don’t need to be added, synthetically.
  • Cost effective – you need a long-term view for this one. It may cost you more than the food you’re giving now. Although, if you’re feeding a super premium dry food it’s going to be about the same. The real cost saving comes incrementally when you’re saving money at the vets and on long-term treatment for a chronic health problem later on. The cost obviously varies from dog to dog, a smaller dog like a Chihuahua can cost as little as £15 a month!
  • Palatable – there are many recipes to choose from for all life stages and different dietary requirements too. From a Weaning Paste, to a Senior recipe and a Special Diet recipe too. Other ranges include the Natural Range, Working Dog Range and a Pure (DIY) Range. They also have a wide range of yummy treats and bones and cat food too!
  • The work is done for you – simply thaw, serve and enjoy with no waste! (mostly all of the recipes last up to 4 days in the fridge once defrosted). Mission complete.

After a few weeks on Natural Instinct your dog is going to have bags more energy (the good kind not the restless and twitchy kind), brighter eyes, a glossy coat, a better smell, awesome breath and be the supermodel in the park.

Try it, you know you want to!

Find out more from Kate here.

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