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We’re all going on a pawfect Summer Holiday!

By Anna Webb; Broadcaster, Nutrition & Behaviour expert has studied with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies 1 years ago 3689 Views

Key trends

With Brexit making the future of the Pet Passport Scheme uncertain, is forecasting that this Summer 51% of dog owners are swapping their ‘vacay’ for a ‘staycay’. On average a third of Britain’s dog owners have taken their four-legged friends on holiday to two countries on mainland Europe, this is potentially good news for Britain’s holiday trade.

Despite the future of the PETS scheme being unknown, there’s a new breed of ‘hos-paw-tality’ booming making for a pawfect ‘staycay’ in the UK. We’re a nation of animal lovers, yet from once being barely dog tolerant to becoming a truly dog-welcoming experience, the #DogFriendly boom mirrors that dog ownership is at a record high.

The value of the ‘hound pound’ data research from Mintel reckons we spent £1.40 Billion on our four-legged friends last year alone, and forecast a 25% growth in the next five years. To help make choosing and planning your ‘staycay’ hassle free, there’s also a new breed of doggy travel agents to help you and your pooch find the pawfect destination. Committed to finding the perfect holiday cottage, hotel, campsite, agents like cater for all budgets to suit your dog’s individual needs. Cynics might say canny entrepreneurs are cashing in on the recent doggy boom when a pawsecco is served on arrival, but I’m not complaining. Neither are Prudence or Mr Binks!

Keep to the routine

Rewarding our dog’s affections at every level, not least forking out on premium doggy menus appears recession proof. From experience, the key to making a success of any trip with Fido is to keep to their routine as much as you can. Whether you’re camping, hiking, hotel hopping, or renting a cottage, its important to make it home from home for your dog. It’s important to make any experience as un-stressful for your dog as possible. If you’re driving, gradually de-sensitise your dog to longer trips before you set out on your journey.

Packing some familiars can help your pooch feel home from home. It’s worth making a holiday list: bowls, collapsible bowls, water bottles, life vets, cooling coats, interactive toys for a rainy day, chews, fetch toys and your dog’s favourite dog bed.

What about the food?

A radical change of diet can play havoc with our own digestive systems, let alone our dogs’, so I recommend keeping your dog on his regular food. I’ve never let feeding raw put me off taking a supply of frozen Natural Instinct’s complete ready meals when we go away. For a long weekend we can mange keeping the food in a well-chilled cool box. It can be trickier if you’re staying for longer, but if you plan ahead and ask the hotel you are staying with in advance, they may be able to accommodate space in their meat fridge.

Many Hotels are so dog friendly they’ll go the extra mile. Not least The Talbot in Malton in Yorkshire. Being voted Britain’s most ‘dog-friendly’ town, its known as Yorkshire’s food capital. It’s no surprise that fine canine cuisine is high on the agenda at this luxury dog friendly hotel. We all like to eat well when we’re away, its what holidays are for to rest, eat, and have fun. Why should it be different for our ‘fur-kids?’

Get Natural Instinct delivered to your UK holiday destination!

Natural Instinct have a great service wherby you can order your food to any campsites across the UK (you may need to check before you travel that the campsite are happy to take the delivery). Alternatively, they are also stocked in over 600 stockists across the UK. So, if you locate your nearest stockist before you travel and ensure they have the products you are after, then you’ll have one happy doggie!

Please locate your nearest stockist here.

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