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Top tips to help you have a Happy Easter with your dogs and cats

By Sue Armstrong MA VetMB VETMFHom CertlAVH MRCVS RSHom 2 years ago 11022 Views
This is a fabulous time of year full of bright colours or new foliage and spring bulbs and real warmth coming from the sun once again to make us all feel better.  Easter time also brings with it some particular hazards for our dogs and sadly nearly always means extra work for veterinary surgeons! 
Those beautiful bulbs are wonderful to look at but should not be eaten by your dog (or cat), as they can be highly toxic.  Take special care when the flowers are over and you decide to lift them to replace with summer plants, as it is easy to leave them available to be mistaken for a great shaped toy and chew!  Even the water in a vase of daffodils can cause gut upsets and Tulips can cause local mouth irritation, sickness and diarrhoea.  Be especially careful of flower arrangements containing Lilies if you have cats.  They are highly toxic to cats and unfortunately they are often attracted to the sweet nectar.
Human Treats
The supermarkets are full of Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cakes that are tempting treats for us humans but are dangerous for dogs as they are full of dried fruit.  Raisins and sultanas can be highly toxic to dogs and can lead to acute kidney failure.  The symptoms may take 1-2 days to develop and might include lethargy, lack of appetite, sickness, diarrhoea and increased thirst.  Seek help early if your dog eats foods containing these to avoid serious health issues.
Chocolate is a no!!!
Easter Eggs, chocolate bunnies and other chocolate novelties are the biggest danger of all.  They are tempting treats for dogs and especially when everyone has their feet up after a filling Easter lunch or when they think it is time to join in the egg hunt!   Every year we have cases of chocolate poisoning in the practice and sometimes with the added joy of large amounts of ingested coloured foil that can form a foreign body and cause even more havoc.   Chocolate contains theobromine, which is a stimulant like caffeine and toxic to dogs.  Symptoms include a racing heart, irregular heartbeat, agitation, twitching, tremors, diarrhoea, sickness and seizures.  This can be serious enough to cause death so any of these symptoms should be taken seriously especially in small or very young dogs.  Prompt treatment can save lives.
Cooked carcass and bones
If you are having a lovely roast lunch at Easter, please don’t give your dog the cooked carcase or bones from the joint.  Cooked bones become brittle and sharp that are dangerous to your dog and cat and much harder for them to digest.  Food bones for dogs are the non weight-bearing bones of prey animals and should always be given raw.  We can provide all the healthy bones and food that your dog needs to make their Easter happy while you enjoy yours without a trip to the vets!

If you want your pets to enjoy some Easter fun then why not treat them to Natural Instinct’s extensive range of yummy treats and bones for cats and dogs. The Fish Skins are new in and already proving great sellers or chopped up pieces of Beef Jerky will prove a very fun ‘Easter hunt’ for them.
Why not also take a look at our latest blog post. From the help of our Pet Nutritionist we have created a delicious Easter Egg that our Dogs are able to eat and enjoy!!


A Happy, Healthy and Fun Easter to all from Natural Instinct.

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