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Collecting Kali

By Sue Williams Bsc, GODT(MT), MCFBA, Chairwoman Guild of Dog Trainers 4 years ago 2284 Views

She’s arrived!!!

Its been a hectic week and looking back I can not believe we have done so much.

Collecting Kali was exciting and special for me but for Corinne, her breeder, a potent mixture of emotions. Having bred puppies myself something I could completely empathise with. I always end up a sobbing wreck trying desperately to hold on to the tears until the new owners leave.

The long journey home proved no problem to Kali, she soon tucked into her Natural Instinct puppy food in her Kong and shortly afterwards fell asleep lay on her back with all four legs in the air- certainly the sign of a happy pup. Corinne’s hard work getting her used to travelling has certainly worked.

During the first few days it has been all about letting Kali settle in and build relationships. Ive spent lots of time getting to know her and letting her get to know me, and it is safe to say she has already captured my heart!

My training philosophy is to teach using communication and understanding. I am passionate about this and I have used the principles with literally thousands of dogs and other animals with fantastic results. It really is fundamental to successful training.

By using conditioning techniques I will be able to give Kali feedback which she will understand so teaching her right and wrong becomes easy. The first thing im doing is conditioning her to understand that when I say ‘good’ she is doing the right thing and she will be rewarded. To help you ive filmed me doing this with her in addition there is a written sheet in the ‘Guide’ section.

Ive been teaching her to be relaxed and be happy in her puppy pen. I have to say this so far has been my biggest challenge as she hates been separated from me. It’s important im consistent with her and not give in even though its pretty tough.

Thank goodness my training is working and she is beginning to get better. I’ve used things to keep her occupied mainly the Kong stuffed with her food and on other occasions a meaty bone.

Night time has, so far been ok , fingers crossed! I’ve put her crate in my bedroom next to the bed. Eventually she will sleep in her crate in the utility room but I don’t need to rush this and I find this method means:

  •     she won’t get stressed by being alone.
  •     I and other family members will get some sleep
  •     I can get up and take her out to relieve herself during the night period which will help with the toilet training.

I’m using target training to teach Kali to go to the toilet outside. This is my preferred method as I find pups pick it up really quickly and there is the benefit of them restricting where they use meaning its more hygienic. So far kali has only had one mishap and that was my fault not picking up on her signals quickly enough. I will do a help sheet on this method later.

Socialising a puppy, is in my opinion the most important thing you should he doing. I will be showing you with Kali how to socialise your puppy correctly so that they develop into a confident, friendly and happy pet. It’s vital that they form a positive association towards new experiences, things, places and people. Having a pup is a great excuse to go and chat to new people, in fact I’ve had a great time. This week Kali has already met lots of new people including men, women and children. I have taken her to lots of different places including the local town, a market, a children’s playground, a café and some friends houses. As she is not yet vaccinated it has meant I have had to carry her which has had the added benefit of toning up my arm muscles!


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