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Teddy's journey with Natural Instinct!

1 years ago 1623 Views

Hi, my name’s Morgan and this is Teddy, my assistance dog in training!

When I got Teddy, I knew how important he would be for me, and how important our relationship would be for both of us. I’m always striving to do the best by him. And that’s why I’m so excited to be in a partnership with Natural Instinct, to give him the best food and enrichment a dog (and his boy) could ever ask for.

Ted was weaned on a raw food diet, so he’s always been used to the taste and benefits of raw feeding - but he loves Natural Instinct more than any food he’s been on in his short life. Knowing that he’s properly fed and nourished allows us to work together with the best peace of mind possible. The use of raw food keeps him happy and his working drive high - the high value of raw treats keeps him concentrated and focused. It helps me know that he can be the best pup I need him to be.

As well as this, Natural Instinct’s variety of chews means I can take a break and keep him occupied in a healthy and constructive way (ie. not eating the skirting boards) - he particularly loves the duck necks and the beef pipes!

We both feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful company (well, I don’t know he does, but I know he feels lucky for the food) and we can’t wait to keep working with them and update on our training journey together.

See you all later!

From, Teddy and Morgan

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