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Teddy's Autumnal Update with Natural Instinct

By Morgan 1 years ago 1170 Views

Teddy has always had an obsession with chasing leaves since he was a tiny puppy, so you can imagine he’s absolutely loving Autumn!

Our walks in the afternoon sun through the woods near our house are particularly lovely, complemented by the oranges and browns of the world around us. Even though he’s a puppy full of crazy energy, it’s quite serene.

Now that Ted is 5 months old, approaching 6 months, he’s a lot more confident in his movements. Don’t get me wrong - he’s still clumsy - but as he grows and grows (and believe me, he’s growing) you can tell just how healthy he is by the pep in every step he takes, and some of that has to be down to the quality of his food. As the rainy days draw in, it’s important for Ted to have something to do when I don’t want to comb out his matts after he gets soaked on a walk - I’ve found the beef pipes and duck necks Natural Instinct to be amazing for these occasions, keeping his teeth clean and, more importantly, him occupied!

We’ve made a lot of progress in training the past few weeks. Like the falling leaves of autumn, things change - they progress, and right now my life is going through a lot of change.

But more important is being able to recognise the ways you’ve evolved. Before I got Teddy, I thought everything would be perfect - have no regrets, do everything right the first time. Looking back, there are a million things I’d do better next time, and yet I wouldn’t change that. Because I’ve learnt, I’ve changed, I’ve progressed. I’ve learnt a lot about dog nutrition and dog training. I’ve been able to adapt and be resilient (even last week this was proved to me, with me and Ted messing up the recall task first time on our bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen exam, and even though I cried out of frustration with myself, I practiced whilst the other dogs went, and in the end we achieved our bronze - 6 months ago I would’ve left the arena.) and that’s all down to Ted.

He might not heel all the time, he might get distracted by other dogs, but we will get there. Every day we take a step forward, and we will get there. We will progress.

Have a good autumn!

- Teddy & Morgan

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