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Say 'I love you' this Valentines Day!

By Kate Bendix 9 months ago 1559 Views

Valentine’s Day for dogs, a new food minefield?

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Just cos you’re gorgeous

It’s no chocolate for you!

3 Feb 2020 13:10:53

If you disregard the ubiquitous, eye wateringly overpriced red roses (who made them the flower of love anyway) the only avenue left open to you, to show how much you care on Valentine’s day, is chocolate. Lashings of overpriced, put a bow on it and double the price chocolate.

Neither are safe for dogs, nonetheless dog owners now find themselves exploited on this ‘special day’ too. Where humans lead, dogs follow, and where there’s a niche there’s a way! Dog treats and treat mixes you buy then make at home are popping up all over the shop, marketed in the same cynically romantic way as roses and chocolate are to us. Can you tell I haven’t had a Valentine in a while? I’m OK, I just need a moment.

These treats contain wheat, honey, and often sugar. And if that works for your dog on the odd occasion that’s of course your choice, and totally fine. But for those of us with raw fed dogs, maybe of a tricky constitution, who want to do something Valentiney with their dog, eating choices are very limited. You’re likely to end up with upset tummies and back end horrors to clear up. Not very romantic.

The same goes for food. Don’t be tempted to treat them with any food they’re not used to, no matter how much the packaging cries out to you, especially if it’s likely to upset their tummies or lead to a flare up you’ve got under control, itchy skin for instance.

The solution to your Valentine’s Day celebration dilemma!

Should you want to dine with your dog or cat without upsetting their routine or delicate constitution, or just feed them something healthy as you normally do, Natural Instinct have just the thing.

Get your paws on their Valentine’s Dinner for Dogs. Ladies and Gents, I give you lamb! A super healthy, raw meal containing thus:

  • British lamb with bone (70%)
  • Carrot, apple, butternut squash
  • British lamb liver (5%)
  • Spinach sea kelp
  • Scottish salmon oil

Available in 1kg, 2x500g and 2x250g tubs. Shop now

For cats, with their obligate carnivore ways, Natural Instinct are spoiling them with lamb and chicken, containing none other than:

  • British lamb heart (49.5%)
  • British chicken with bone (44.5%)
  • British lamb liver (5%)
  • Scottish salmon oil
  • Sea kelp
  • Bilberry powder
  • Brewer’s yeast

3 Feb 2020 13:13:24

Available in 2x500g and 2x250g tubs. Shop now


And for both our favourite species how about Natural Instinct Valentine’s hearts. Air dried chicken hearts to be precise, for £2.50. Now, I have seen Valentine’s treats containing the aforesaid wheat and sugar out there for £11! Even if you’ve never fed raw before these treats are going to go down far better, with fewer unfortunate consequences, for far less money.

And, to conclude, there are no put a bow on it, double the price shenanigans here. Shop yours now!

Happy Valentine’s. Or whatever. ‘Ready meal for one!’

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