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Puppy food… look no further than Natural Instinct!

By Natural Instinct 2 years ago 7277 Views
As a company we are passionate about pets.  Our raw food ranges are packed full of the best human grade, DEFRA approved meats and bone with added fruit and vegetables and supplements. We are keen supporters of British produce and only use 100% British meat, poultry and fish. Our food is also frozen to retain all the natural goodness. We give you the assurance that you are feeding your puppies the very best. 

Weaning your puppies on Natural Instinct from birth

We produce puppy food recipes from weaning paste all the way through to the introduction of puppy food. The weaning paste is a finely ground chicken meat and bone recipe and is ideal to start your puppies on from the stage in between feeding just their mother’s milk and the introduction of puppy food.

First taste of Natural Instinct Weaning Paste for these 3 week old Cocker Spaniels.

How do you know when to transition your puppy on to puppy food?
Depending on the breed and weight they recommend that you feed your puppy 5-6% of their body weight spread across 3-4 meals a day.   Higher in protein and nutrients than their Natural Chicken recipe, the Natural Puppy food is suitable from all puppies from about 6-8 weeks of age, depending on their breed and weight.

The ‘Fantastic Fourteen’ tucking in to their Natural Instinct

Puppy food

Made using only the finest human grade ingredients the Natural Puppy food consists of British chicken with bone, British beef liver, butternut squash, apple, carrot, spinach, sea kelp and Scottish salmon oil. For working dog puppies, they also offer a Working Puppy recipe with added offal and duck carcass.
Prices start from £2.95 for 1 kilo.

Customer Kate Mitchell has weaned her Golden Retriever puppies.

“This is my first litter weaned on Natural Instinct food from a Natural Instinct fed bitch. To say I'm impressed is a bit of an understatement! My girl has kept in tiptop condition while producing plenty of milk for her seven babies and the puppies love it. They have grown really well. We've had no tummy issues and their poo is really firm and not much of it. Would thoroughly recommend it.”

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