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Puppy Corner

By Lez Graham MA, FCFBA, MGoDT (MT) 2 years ago 9663 Views


A few wise words from Lez Graham when welcoming a new puppy!


You know you’ve got a new puppy when...

1. You feel like you had no sleep

2. You think all your previous dogs were nothing like this

3. You stop looking at the news websites and start poring over dog pages instead

4. All your Facebook groups start with dog and puppy

5. You think raising babies is much easier

6. You stop shopping for belts and start shopping for leads

7. You redesign your home around puppy friendly interiors

8. You walk around in a sleep deprived stupor, only to brighten when someone asks “how’s the puppy”

9. All of your fantasies revolve around a lie in

10. You walk around the garden at silly o’clock in your PJs holding an umbrella

11. You stagger out to the park with your hair waving at everyone hoping puppy will toilet

12. You play hop-scotch over expensive toys

13. You dream of damaged skirting boards and chewed carpets

14. Your phone is full of dog photos

15. You realise all those cute toys you spend a fortune on are nothing compared to an empty box and a manky old tennis ball

16. You spend a lot of your time posting photos of puppy on Facebook

17. You have lost half of your cupboard space to toys and the other half to training equipment

18. You can’t remember a time when every room in the house didn’t contain a dog bed and puppy toys


... Although this is a bit of fun there is an element of truth in it... however, it really doesn’t have to be this way - rest assured knowing that new puppies don’t have to bring heart-ache or bags under the eyes....

Lez Graham MA, FCFBA, MGoDT (MT)
Canine Behaviour Consultant
Trained for Life Ltd.


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