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Preparing for Kali

By Sue Williams Bsc, GODT(MT), MCFBA, Chairwoman Guild of Dog Trainers 4 years ago 2255 Views

This week seems to have been the longest ever.

I’ve been really busy preparing for Kali’s arrival. This has included making sure im as up to date with marking all my students work , being ahead of my schedule with my magazine articles, clients and behaviour reports so I can make sure I can have lots of time to spend with her.

It is really important that you are properly prepared for a new pup so ive made sure I have all the essentials you can find a list of these in the ‘Guides & help’ page  I have been collecting things for her for ages and back in March this year I found lots of useful items at Crufts. In addition I have been really fortunate to have been given some fantastic products for her, so this lucky little pup has virtually every dog accessory and toy available!

I am having to travel approximately 3 hours to collect Kali which means she will have a long journey ahead of her. I am lucky as Kali is already used to travelling, so this will make it much easier for her but she still will have to deal with being separated from her siblings and this is stressful for a puppy. To minimise any upset I will be using a secure crate to transport her in. In this will be veterinary fleece bedding, some teddies, some chew type toys and a blanket or piece of fleece bedding from Corinne with her siblings and mums scent on. I will be using a Kong toy stuffed with her food which is Natural Instinct’s puppy food, this is to keep her occupied with something positive during the journey. Over the years I have found this method the best by far, the puppy will feel secure in the crate and even if they cry initially they will quickly settle down eat their food from the Kong then usually fall asleep.

I will be using a puppy pen to contain Kali in when I am unable to supervise her. This means I will know she is safe and not picking up any bad habits such as chewing my furniture! Ive decided to locate the pen in a room which has direct access into the garden, this will make it easier for me to take her outside quickly whilst I am toilet training her. It is also a quiet place so when she is in the pen she won’t be disturbed by my other dogs.

I have a huge amount of toys, its important to offer a puppy a variety as pups learn through play. Kali has some puzzle toys which you can put treats in and she will have to work out how to extract them. These type of toys will be ideal for keeping her occupied whilst im busy. I also have a selection of chew toys for her by having lots of these not only will they occupy her but also fulfil her natural desire to chew. All pups chew by providing suitable items it will help stop her chewing on things I don’t want her to chew. In addition there are plenty more: ones for retrieve games, tug games and chase games, plenty to keep her busy.

Hurry up next week!



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