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Natural Instinct's Guide to Pet Friendly Weddings

By Rox 11 months ago 2849 Views


Rox have released a guide to help our four-legged family members be a part of your big day!

When it comes to romance, nothing quite says “love is in the air” like a wedding. Standing up in front of your family and friends to declare your lifelong commitment to each other is a highlight in the cute love story you share with your soulmate, and the memories you make together on this day will last forever.

An important part of planning the wedding of your dreams is mapping out all the romantic things to do and making sure everyone you love can be there to celebrate with you. For many of us, this includes our four-legged family members.

See below: A very own Natural Instinct Wedding, featuring Hannah from our Customer Support Team on her big day - giving us photography inspiration for how you can include your pooch in your paw-fect Wedding day!


Every wedding is a unique experience. But in the last few years couples are finding quirky and unconventional ways to mark the occasion. You may be planning the best proposal idea and surprising your partner with their dream personalised diamond engagement ring, or designing a personalised diamond wedding ring. From choosing an inspired venue to having a themed wedding day, planning a wedding in the 21st century takes a lot of imagination, as well as organisational skills.

If you’re looking for inspiration, some of the biggest wedding trends in 2019 include serving a vegan wedding cake, festival weddings, asking for charity donations rather than gifts, statement veils, and walking down the aisle with your pets. In fact, in 2018, Esty reported that the trend of hosting a pet friendly wedding was making waves with over 30,000 related searches.


For animal lovers with pets in the family, there are lots of fun ways that you can make sure they get to join the wedding party. You can let your imagination go wild, but to get you started we’ve listed five ideas below.


Who said diamonds and thrills are only for humans? When it’s time to pop the question, why not get your pet to help you deliver this exciting life event to give your proposal that little something extra.

Why not attach an engagement ring gift box and romantic note to your pet’s collar to surprise your partner? You could train your four-legged sidekick to amaze your partner with a personalised “will you marry me” sign to create the best proposal ever.


Whether you’re going for classic glamour or contemporary chic with your wedding look, feeling great about the way you’re dressed on your big day is non-negotiable. Help your favourite four-legged friends look the part with pet wedding outfits and pet accessories they feel comfortable in.

A quick search online will return any number of pet wedding accessories. Imagine your beloved pooch in a tuxedo or a dog bow tie. You can even create custom-made collars with flowers and complete the look with a top hat.


Looking good is a great start, but if your pet loves attention you could make them part of the ceremony itself. Carrying the wedding rings, flowers or taking on the role of usher. Dogs, horses, cats, goats and even alpacas have been known to add an original touch to wedding ceremonies across the UK in recent years.


Weddings are full of delicious food and drink, and pets do love a good feast! To make the day an extra special occasion for your pet as well as you, why not order some nose-lickingly good Pawsecco for dogs and cats, in addition to their favourite snacks?

Pawsecco is alcohol-free pet “wine”, developed by experts and has been vet approved, so it’s the perfect party drink for your pet.


Wedding photos offer a beautiful memento of your big day, helping you keep your memories of the celebration forever. If you’re making a pet part of your wedding photos, do a bit of research to see if you can find a wedding photographer who also works with animals.

Not all photographers have the right skill set to capture pets beautifully on camera, so you might want to ask wedding photography candidates about their experience and if they have a portfolio of pet photography you can have a look at before you book.

We would love to hear from YOU! If you would like to share your photos please send them to

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