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Natural Instinct join forces with the CFBA and CIDBT

By Natural Instinct 3 years ago 6261 Views



Natural Instinct is committed to education and take great pride in working with many professionals within the pet industry.   We are proud to announce our partnership with the CFBA (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association) and CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training).  Education for pet owners is something we feel very strongly about and are passionate about the complete wellbeing of dogs and cats.  The CFBA and CIDBT work closely together.

Colin Tennant MA Chairman of the CFBA and CIDBT has many decades of canine practice and has observed that problem behaviour in pet dogs and cats can be linked to artificial additives in processed foods.

In essence, he believes that the same science which explains why humans should eat a more natural diet and reduce or stop eating highly processed foods, can and should be applied to what we feed our pet dogs and cats.  He says “feed your pet what he was designed to eat”, food that is truly natural.

The CFBA is the professional voice of the pet behaviour practitioner, their members are within the top ranks of the profession with a common commitment to achieve, maintain and direct the highest possible standard within the industry promoting pet education for pet owners in the UK which is key to improving the general care and welfare of dogs and cats in Britain.

Full members of the CFBA are approved and recognised by most pet insurance companies that offer cover for pet behaviour problems.

The CIDBT provides Degree level courses on dog and cat behaviour that are written and managed by people who are experts within their respective disciplines, who work with the public in professional front-line dog and cat behaviour practice and is a Kennel Club KCAI Preferred Education Provider.

Sue Armstrong, Veterinary Surgeon and Homeopath who works closely with us knows all too well from the many behavioural cases that she sees in practice just how important diet can be. These problems include hyper excitability, aggression, poor concentration levels and even the way in which animals are accepted in the home by their humans. In these situations dietary change to a natural raw diet has radically altered the outcome for some animals, in addition to a course of training. 




For more information about the CFBA visit

For more information about the CIDBT visit


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