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Meet Kali

By Sue Williams Bsc, GODT(MT), MCFBA, Chairwoman Guild of Dog Trainers 4 years ago 2430 Views

I almost can’t believe that in a weeks time I will be collecting Kali, a Malinois puppy. Incredibly I have waited for 2 ½ years for this moment- surely a record?!

You are no doubt thinking why the long wait, well…

Just over 10 years ago I was with the Lancashire Police Dog Section following an initial general purpose course. It was during this time I met Skah a working bred Belgian Malinois. I was really impressed watching him work and knew I would like my own Mali. Through their help I got Maddie. Maddie is a fantastic dog she is extremely sociable and really clever. Since puppyhood she has been a key member of my dog display teams performing in front of thousands at large shows throughout the UK. Maddie is most importantly my cherished pet and a few years ago I decided with Maddie getting older that I would look for another Mali, but finding one as special as Maddie was going to be hard.

With my dog expertise I realised it was important to ensure I found a puppy which would be genetically sound and equally important a knowledgeable breeder who would understand the importance on early, in litter socialisation

I met Corinne Kalis breeder when I got Maddie, Corrine has Maddies sister Quilla. Quilla is mum to Chasca, who is Kalis mum. I know that this breed line is sound. It is free of health issues, the dogs have great working ability and superb temperaments, so the box was ticked re genetics. Corinne is a successful trainer and competitor and although has only previously bred a couple of litters is extremely knowledgeable in the development of a dogs temperament and correct puppy socialisation. I knew she would commit herself to ensuring the puppies would be reared and socialised to the highest level.

I had found my breeder all I now needed was patience.

Back In April Corinne travelled to Holland with Chasca and Kali was conceived. On 15th June she was born along with her 1 brother and 5 sisters. I was lucky to get daily updates, photos and even videos. I visited the pups when they were 4 weeks old. It was fantastic to spend time with them, study them and get to know their characters. All the puppies were absolutely superb very confident and to be honest if you had shut your eyes and randomly picked a pup you couldn’t have gone wrong. However, Kali caught my eye there was just something special which I cant put in words which made her stand out to me. I didn’t let on as I wasn’t going to be choosing until they were 6wks old and someone else had first choice. I went away impressed but with my fingers crossed puppy number 4 with the pet name ‘Sweet pea’ wasn’t chosen so I could look at her again with the option of choosing her.

Those 2 weeks were tough but I was relieved to learn that puppy number 1 had been chosen which meant I had 5 girls left to look at and one of them was that special number 4!

When the pups were 6wks old Corinne, Chasca and the pups came to my centre in North Wales. Before they arrived I was like a child waiting for Christmas, so excited knowing by the end of that day I would know which puppy was Kali. We were running a course at the centre that day and Corinne’s arrival timed nicely with the lunch break so my first real look at the pups was in our class room with about 10 people interacting with them. All the pups confidently entered the building and had a ball being the centre of everyone’s attention. All the pups looked similar and they had grown so much since my visit so it was hard to tell them apart. Two pups really appealed to me and one was puppy number 4! After the lunch break finished and the course resumed Corinne and I took the pups for a walk to our lake and who decided to test the water…. You guessed it that puppy number 4! We then proceeded to let the pups meet the pigs and some of my other animals.

By the time we returned to the house I had narrowed my choice to two puppies. I played and spent time with each of them individually. Corrine was fantastic and gave me lots of information about each of them which certainly aided me.

Finally I made my decision, so which one?…………… you guessed it Kali is puppy number 4! J

Just a week longer to wait before the adventure begins.

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