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Luna & Mike’s Adventure Up Mount Snowdon!

By Mike 10 months ago 1342 Views

Luna and Mike’s Adventure Up Mount Snowdon

When I first started looking into the possibility of owning a dog, the one thing I knew was a guarantee was that things in my life at that time would need to change. I just didn’t realise how much. Luna, my cockapoo, has opened my world up and given me greater opportunities and more of a push to be adventurous outdoors.

I had always loved cycling and hiking, but Luna really pushed me. One day I found myself thinking about more exciting day’s out we could have instead of just walking down the road or taking her to the local fields or park. When I told my friends, I was planning on taking Luna up Wales’ tallest mountain, Mount Snowdon, they were shocked, to say the least, and thought I was a bit crazy.

I think they thought it would be too much for her little legs. Whereas I thought it would be too much for me!

Planning and Finding the Best Route to the Summit

I knew that such a big task needed thorough planning and I tried to read as much as I possibly could about going hiking up steep hills with a dog. As I knew the success of our trip to the summit was dependant on us both being able to manage the climb, I needed to choose the right route. I settled on Llanberis Path, which at 7.5km both ways, was not actually the longest distance to the top. However, that didn’t bother me, as I picked that route because it was regarded as the easiest with a less challenging incline.

The whole experience from when I started planning the trip to when we finally reached the summit and then back down again, was one I will never forget. I wanted to share what I learned and some tips to help others.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm and Climbs the Mountain

I knew the best way to tackle Snowdon was to take up the challenge as early in the day as possible. That way I would miss a lot of the crowds on the way up and Luna would be less distracted. I was cursing myself for setting the alarm for just before 4am, though. That took a lot of effort to get up. Luna, of course, didn’t care and was just glad to the fuss I was giving her.

We arrived at Snowdon at about 6am (I am based in Warrington, for a frame of reference to how long the trip took) and as I had hoped, there was barely anyone around yet.

For the adventure, I had kitted Luna out with a much longer lead. I did buy a brand-new outdoor coat, but because the temperature was not too low and it was dry, that stayed in the bag for most of the walk.

We Met Lots of Dogs

Before we set off, I did wonder if we Luna and I would meet other people and dogs, given how busy I had heard Snowdon got, especially by the middle of the day. We actually met lots of people and their dogs, and many of them were cockapoos.

Reaching the Top

This bit of interaction with some new two-legged and four-legged friends perked Luna up and we were both very happy once we got to the summit.

As Luna enjoyed some tasty treats as a reward for her hard work getting there and to refuel, I enjoyed a beer and the stunning views from the top.

Once back in the car on the way home, Luna slept after what had been a very tiring and challenging, but extremely enjoyable day out in Wales.


If you are looking to have an experience you will never forget with your furry friend, I would recommend taking Llanberis Path to the top of Snowdon. It is not particularly taxing, compared to other routes to the summit and indeed other climbs on different mountains, but still proves to be a good leg stretch for both of you. The one word of warning I would give is to be careful about the weather, as it can often change quickly.

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