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London’s calling to a far away town – on the move again

By Broadcaster, Author, Trainer, Anna Webb has studied with the College of Integrated Veterinary Studies. (CIVT) 2 years ago 5505 Views


Anna Webb, Author, Broadcaster, Trainer, Anna has studied natural nutrition & therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT).

With my third house move in three years looming, I seem to have inadvertently become a bit of a seasoned ‘mover’.
Third time lucky, I’m aiming to minimise the stress of what is considered one of the biggest stressors in life.
Keeping up our training routine, I’ll punctuate the day with fun breaks, and lots of stuffed Natural Instinct KONGs for both my Mini Bull Terrier, Prudence and shy boy, Mr Binks, my re-homed ETT.
Moving with a cat is notoriously difficult. Generally speaking cats don’t cope at all well with the slightest change, let alone a new home.
Our first move: the great escape out of London to Buckinghamshire nearly fell through for worry Gremlin (my cat), being a Londoner, might not like the countryside.
Even Samuel Johnson’s famous statement: “tired of London, tired of life” couldn’t halt me from getting better ‘air quality’ for Molly (my beloved Mini Bull Terrier) then aged 12.
I deployed my on-going mantra: “perfect planning prevents poor performance”. Once Molly and Gremlin’s microchip details were updated, it was all systems go! And an additional do list as long as my arm.
Mindful not to transfer too much anxiety (which is easier said than done), caused by lawyers, estate agents, and additional paperwork I opted to take the homeopathic remedy, Ignatia.
Our Holistic vet had prescribed this for Molly and Gremlin. Known as a remedy to keep emotions balanced through change, ups and downs, it certainly seemed to do the trick.
Gremlin’s first move may not have been so seamless without Molly. She approached life with such a signatory indifference, and Gremlin (who adored Molly) just followed her lead.
Despite ‘buttering his paws’ and great plans to keep Gremlin indoors for at least a week (to acclimatise and grasp his new territory) he got out on day two. 
Nonchalantly returning an hour later with a small furry gift from a Buckinghamshire hedgerow, he’d made himself at home!

Gremlin in his cat harness.

When we did the second move up to Shropshire (to be near my Mum), Gremlin was priority. This time he didn’t have Molly as his lead.
Despite Prudence and Gremlin’s remarkable friendship, she was only nine months then, and at the height of her exuberance. Let’s say she hadn’t yet grasped any concept of being calm.
I’d plugged Pet Remedy diffusers into every room. Wafting a potent herbal calming remedy, its earth aroma seemed to take the edge off the proceedings.
Minimising any disturbance I packed boxes in short bursts, only a couple at a time, usually when Prudence was resting. I didn’t want to excite her with her favourite game – shred the box.
Not being stingy with the ‘gaffa’ tape paid off particularly with Prudence around. Literally as boxes were being removed I busily patched up all the gnawed and shredded corners.
We had brief stay at Mum’s, whilst decorating was being done. Prudence and Mr Binks had visited Mum’s before, but it was ‘unchartered water’ for Gremlin.
I helped him acclimatise with regular walks around the house and garden in his special cat harness.
Without any ‘familiar’s’ like our sofa, bed, the kitchen table, which were all in storage, Gremlin missed his ‘landmarks’.
I kept up the remedies up until we were settled in our final destination. 
So far perfect planning is preventing poor performance as the plan unfolds to move straight back into a garden flat in London.
Gremlin’s ‘familiars’ will be ‘in situ’ and all the re-decorating finished to ‘naturopathic’ standards as studied with The CIVT. 
The Pet Remedies are ‘plugged in’, we’re all taking Ignatia, and keeping a lid on the proceedings as London calls to a far away town.

If you are moving house remember:
1. Keep up your pets training routine with fun breaks e.g. train a new trick, like rollover, or speak on command.
2. Distract your pets with delicious kongs stuffed full of Natural Instinct goodness (Natural Instinct Beef Jerky treats or Natural Instinct food is great as a natural edible kong)
3. Cats are notoriously difficult to move. Keep them indoors for at least a week!
4. If possible train your cat to walk in a harness to help acclimatise to the new home
5. Keep a lid on your own stress caused by lawyers, estate agents and paperwork.
6. Pack boxes is short bursts to minimise disruption
7. The homeopathic remedy Ignatia is known to keep a balance through moving
8. Pet Remedy's herbal calming diffuser works a treat
9. Don't underestimate the power of 'familiars' i.e. old sofa in the new home
10. Keep up a mantra: perfect planning prevents poor performance
11. And remember to change your Microchip details!
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