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It’s Totally Possible To Raw Feed Your Dog On Holiday!

By Kate Bendix; broadcaster, journalist, founder of My Itchy Dog 6 months ago 6489 Views

The question I get asked a lot by customers who raw feed their dogs is “What wet food do you recommend? I’m going on holiday, so I won’t be able to feed their usual raw.” My answer is always “Yes you can!” (but not in an inspirational, Obama way, obvs.)

The key obstacles raw feeders see stretching out before them are thus:

  • Getting it there
  • Keeping it frozen
  • Keeping it chilled

Let’s take them one at a time.

  • 1. Getting raw food to its holiday spot
  • 2. Keeping raw food frozen
  • 3. Keeping raw food chilled

If you want to have a supermarket delivery timed to arrive at your holiday destination when you do, why not consider getting a raw food delivery at the same time?

All Natural Instinct food arrives in an insulated box with a cardboard box outer. It will last a fair few hours like that so make sure it’s left in a shady spot or taken in by your host. It may even arrive after you do. Stick it in the freezer and use as you need.

If you’re travelling with your food use the insulated box it arrived in (if you get yours delivered) or you could ask the pet shop to keep one by for you. Alternatively pack it tightly together (to slow thawing time) in a cool bag or box surrounded by ice blocks. Put the box in the coolest, shadiest part of the car (away from the dog, natch) and you’re sorted for 48 hours. Enough time to get just about anywhere in the British Isles and still have frozen food at the end of it.

If it’s really hot you’re looking at less time in the cool box before thawing. But if you’re taking more than 24 hours to get somewhere in the UK I say leave the dog at home and fly!

If you’re going away with your dog for a couple of weeks, down in the Dales, by the sea, walking in the deepest darkest woods, the chances are your accommodation will be self-catering, B&B, dog friendly hotel, caravanning or camping. With the exception of camping raw feeding in these scenarios is a cinch.

Buy as you go

Natural Instinct have almost 600 stockists across the UK meaning you can buy your dog’s food a tub at a time (if of course there is a stockist located nearby) without the need for a freezer large enough for the duration of your holiday. From Nairn to Newton Abbott there is a store stocking Natural Instinct, meaning you need never be without. Use our handy store locater to find your nearest store If you find your nearest shop before you leave then give them a call and see what they stock beforehand, they might even be able to get your dog’s favourites stocked up for you.

If you’re self-catering check there’s a freezer box in the fridge then you can buy little and often. If you’re in any decent hotel or B&B worth their salt, you may want to ask if there is a space in their freezer reserved for your dog’s dinner. They will have had stranger requests, trust me!

The same can be said for a caravanning holiday. Where there’s a fridge there’s a way.

With the exception of Weaning Paste and Country Banquet Fish recipe, which last two days, all Natural Instinct food lasts up to four days in the fridge once defrosted. So, you’re looking at no waste at all even for the smallest of dogs.

Camping is the only accommodation where I can see there being a potential issue, but a little forward planning can go a long way. If it’s a big enough campsite they should see you right. Me, personally, I’m a B&B, hotel, bed off the floor kinda gal but hey, if it’s your thing, it’s your thing!

If you’ve got a gas fridge with you then, again, shop as you go. Alternatively, you can always ask the lovely people at reception if it’s a big enough place, or in the campsite shop if they can store it in their fridge. Alternatively, if you can get your ice blocks frozen regularly there’s no reason why a tub can’t be stored with your milk and fed over four days.

If you’re going on your hols in the UK it’s more than possible to continue feeding your dog their Natural Instinct. If you don’t feed Natural Instinct then now may be the time to try it, at least for the holidays.

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