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Introducing Pure Offal

By Natural Instinct 1 years ago 4917 Views

Our new Pure Offal mix has been designed as a complementary addition to diets, a mix of 100% British Offal - Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and Beef Spleen.

Many dogs cannot handle the richness of organ meat or just don’t like it, which is why we don’t add it to all of our complete meals.  

Our new Pure Offal mix contains Beef Liver, Beef Kidney and Beef Spleen mixed in the perfect ratios for raw feeders.

Offal is an excellent source of nutrients and is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids vital for your pet’s health.

Pure Offal is high in naturally occurring B Vitamins which assist in metabolism of food, immune support and building of amino acids needed by the body to create genetic material.  All offal is a rich source of iron which is used by our pets in the formation of red blood cells, needed to carry oxygen around their pets bodies.

Organ meant, especially liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet! Rich in Vitamin A which is essential for eye health and immune function as well as for the production of mucus and formation of proteins needed to form skin.

Spleen is high in naturally occurring Vitamin C, important in helping to support our pets immune system as well as a great source of Vitamin B2, B3 and Phosphorous.

Kidney is a great source of Vitamins A, D, E and K and B group Vitamins all need for good health as well as being rich in Iron and Zinc.  Iron is needed to carry oxygen around the body to tissue and organs and Zinc helps prevent illness.

Offal is generally very rich and whilst offal forms an excellent nutrient source they should be limited to 10% of the daily diet and of that offal no more than 50% should be liver.  Some dogs find even a small amount of offal too rich which is why we do not automatically add 10% of offal to all our ranges but give you the freedom to add this according to your dogs palate and gut tolerance.


Natural Instinct’s Pet Nutritionist Bianca Boulton-Major says “Pure Offal is a recipe that I was passionate to create for Natural Instinct. Offal is highly nutritious and often the first parts a prey animal to be consumed, due to them being rich in vitamins and minerals.  Pure Offal has been formulated by myself and Natural Instinct’s Holistic Vet Sue Armstrong. We wanted to give owners flexibility whilst empowering them to diversify and cater their pet’s diets to their individual preferences. Some pets struggle to tolerate offal which is why some of our diets are formulated to not need it included. Using Pure Offal as part of a raw diet gives your pet access to a great bioavailable source of vitamins and minerals.”

AVAILABLE NOW - Pure Offal is available in 2 x 500g tubs £3.20

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