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Ice Ball Treat

By Natural Instinct 1 years ago 5052 Views

The pups in our pet pantry have come up with a scrummy recipe to get your dogs tails wagging! This is a quick, easy and nutritious recipe to make at home so make sure you get all of the family involved for some summer fun!

What you will need:

  • A Balloon
  • Some yummy Natural Instinct dehydrated treats. Buy here
  • Water
  • Optional fruit and veggies


  1. Begin by taking some Natural Instinct dehydrated treats e.g. Organic Chicken Hearts or Beef Jerky slices. Place them into a deflated balloon (you may need to give it a stretch first!)
  2. Place the balloon over a tap and half fill the balloon with water. The more water the bigger the balloon so ensure you make the size of the balloon suitable for the size of your dog (we don’t want your doggies choking on ice balls that are too big/small for them).
  3. Optional extras, you can add diced fruit or blended fruit and veggies to the water to make it flavoured.
  4. Release any air from the top of the balloon before tying a knot otherwise your ball won’t end up round!
  5. Place the balloon in a bowl or inside a plastic cup in the freezer, this will ensure your treat ball freezes in a spherical shape. Leave overnight to freeze.
  6. Once frozen remove from freezer and cut away the balloon, you will be left with an Ice treat ball.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Our favourite fruit and veg to use are blueberries, blackberries, banana, pomegranate, carrots, peppers, and spinach
  • DO NOT USE Avocado, Apple SEEDS, Apricot, Cherries, Currants, Grapes, Mushrooms, Onions/Garlic, Persimmons, Peaches, Plums, Raisins or Rhubarb. These are toxic to your dog!

Have some fun…

Take the Ice Ball treat into the garden or onto a hard surface (this will make your life easier when clearing it up). As your dog rolls the ball around the treats will be released as the ball melts.

REMEMBER Always supervise your dog when feeding!

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