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Hygiene with Raw Food as the Temperature Goes Up

By Sue Armstrong MA VetMB VETMFHom CertlAVH MRCVS RSHom 1 years ago 13727 Views

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some glorious days with some genuine late spring heat.  Food hygiene is important all year round but as the temperatures climb, it is a good time to review your food preparation routines.

Natural Instinct works hard to provide you with as safe a product as is possible, which is a process that starts on the farm with the selection of healthy animals and involves the all important deep freezing process. You should handle the product in the same way that you would raw meat for yourself.  

Here are some important rules to follow:

  • Never store raw product in your fridge on the same shelf as cooked product e.g. cooked meats, cheese etc.
  • Store raw meat such as your Natural Instinct product on the lowest shelf in the fridge, ideally on a plate (that can be washed up easily), so that there is no danger of meat juice dripping down onto cooked food.
  • Defrost your Natural Instinct products in the fridge allowing at least 24 hours for the product to be ready to feed.  It is easy to get into a rhythm of two always being in the fridge and as soon as one is fed replace it with one from the freezer.  (Once defrosted the product should be fed within 4 days).
  • Use separate utensils and bowls for your dog or cat and wash them up separately after use.
  • Be sure to clean down surfaces after food preparation using an antibacterial wash and disposable cloth or a kitchen towel.
  • When you have finished food preparation, wash your hands thoroughly.  Be careful not to put your hands to your mouth during preparation of your dog or cats raw dinner or indeed your own!
  • Do not leave uneaten raw food out for your dog or cat over the summer months.  If your dog or cat tends not to clear up their food straight away, feed when it is cooler in the evening and in a cool place, out of sunlight.

These are all common sense rules that will help to keep you and your family safe when handling raw food products.

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