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Fit, well trained dogs are happy dogs!

By Sue Armstrong MA VetMB VETMFHom CertlAVH MRCVS RSHom 1 years ago 5650 Views

Medical issues such as obesity have a direct impact on how a dog feels and therefore how he or she behaves. Overweight dogs tire easily and can even be grumpy due to fatigue or aches and pains which are a direct result of excess weight. Joint pain is common in obese dogs and this can lead to pain induced aggression.

In my experience most people don’t deliberately over feed their pets. In fact it is often a case of what they feed. Many foods and treats contain high levels of carbohydrate, fat and additives: which is the equivalent of us eating fast food and lots of additive filled sweets, something we all know to be unhealthy!

Of course some dogs are naturally greedy and some even become food obsessed. The negative is that these dogs often beg for tidbit and many take any opportunity to steal tasty high calorie morsels. However, high food motivation can be good, as treats are really effective to help teach and reinforce desired behaviour. In fact, this is something I promote, and I commonly use a lot of food rewards throughout my training sessions.

I use and recommend Natural Instinct food and treats as they are made from quality natural ingredients, are additive free and my dogs love them! Which means I feed my dogs and give them treats without the fear of piling additives or excessive calories into them thus ensuring they stay at an optimal weight so they are fit and healthy.

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