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Why are dogs scared of fireworks? And how to help

By Natural Instinct 2 years ago 55802 Views

Bonfire Night


As Bonfire Night approaches we, as dog owners, need to keep our furry friends safe and happy. We are often plagued with fireworks before and after Bonfire Night and whilst this can be an exciting time for us, it can be a distressing time for our pets. So preparing before the event can help ensure that this time is as stress free as possible.

Top Tips to follow:

    1. If you have to go out with your dog in the dark

  • Ensure they are microchipped and have an identity tag (this is a legal requirement.)
  • You both can be seen- fluorescent clothing and/or flashing collar are a must.
  • Keep him/her on a lead.
  • Make sure they are attached to a collar or harness which they can not slip out of if spooked.

    2. If you are at home

  • Try to maintain a normal routine.
  • As a precaution, keep your dog inside with the windows and curtains shut in order to reduce the noise.
  • If you let your dog into the garden supervise him/her and only allow them to be lose if it’s definitely dog proof- if your dog is frightened he/she could bolt in fear.
  • Ensure your pet has a place they can feel safe during this scary time- crates can be really useful for this but your dog needs to have been acclimatised to it first and never close the door you want it to be their choice where they feel comfortable to hide. If you do use a crate cover to make it more den like.
  • Don’t over fuss and reassure them- they will think you are frightened too! Instead act as though there is nothing wrong and be confident.
  • NEVER punish your pet for being scared remember they are genuinely frightened and upset.
  • Provide activities to distract them and keep his/her mind from worrying. Goodie tubes and play bones are fantastic for this.

    3. If you have to leave your pet at home

  • Leave the television or radio on, your pet may be comforted by the sound.
  • Try to get a friend or relative to sit with him/her.


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