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Eggcellent Easter Egg for your dog!

By Natural Instinct 11 months ago 6664 Views
It’s the one week countdown until Easter – who’s as eggcited as us?? We all know how dangerous chocolate is for our furry friends, but why should our pets have to miss out on all the fun?? Why not treat them this Easter to a delicious homemade treat that is super easy to make and great fun for the entire family to get involved in. And is also in the shape of an egg so they don’t feel too left out!

How to make our yummy edible stuffed Easter eggs…

You will need:

• An Easter egg mould (2 moulds for either side of the egg), they are easily available online or in shops
• Goats yoghurt or water based filling - get creative we used a variety of mixtures to make different colours like yoghurt and spirulina, almond butter, turmeric, beetroot juice and water. You can also add chia seeds or bee pollen for decoration
• Natural Instinct Complete Raw Food
• A ball wrapped in cling film, or a shape that fits inside you egg mould
• Begin by making sure the Easter egg mould you choose is suitable for your size of dog
• Mix up a bowl of yoghurt and water - 2/3rds yoghurt to 1/3rd water. If you want to get creative with different colours then add extra ingredients at ½ a tsp e.g. turmeric for a yellow coloured egg, spirulina for blue, beetroot or cranberry powder for pink!
• Take a plastic ball or tennis ball wrapped in cling film (or we have found plastic containers that hold avocados very useful!)
• Place the ball into the mixture inside the egg filled mould until the yoghurt fills the mould completely
• If you don’t have an object to make an insert don’t panic just fill both moulds and your Easter egg will just be more of a sandwich!
• Pop into the freezer for a few hours or overnight
• Remove from the freezer and remove the insert/ ball from each half of the egg moulds
• Fill the space left by the insert with Natural Instinct raw food, or if you didn’t use an insert spread a layer of food on one half of the egg, then stick each half of the egg together
• And hey presto an Easter egg for your dog!
 If you're not of the crafty type, you can still go for any Natural Instinct treats. You can't go wrong with the Lamb Lites or our latest delicious additions: Fish Skins!
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