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Diet and learning how to track

By Sue Williams Bsc, GODT(MT), MCFBA, Chairwoman Guild of Dog Trainers 3 years ago 2607 Views

I’ve been looking back at photos and film taken over the last few weeks and I am shocked at just how grown up Kali is starting to look, she is developing at an amazing rate.

I thought this week as I have been asked many times what I am feeding Kali I would tell you why I decided to feed her a raw diet.

Everything I am doing for Kali is to ensure she gets the very best: from training, to socialisation so I definitely want to make sure what I feed her is the very best for her health and well being. I am feeding her on Natural Instinct which is a premier complete raw diet for dogs. I am a relative new convert to raw feeding and Kali is the first puppy that I have fed this way.

At Crufts 2014 I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Natural Instinct team by my good friend and fellow dog professional Ross McCarthy. It was here that I spent time with Vet and Veterinary advisor to Natural Instinct Sue Armstrong. Sue explained the nutritional requirements of dogs and the health benefits of a raw diet. Now im no nutritionalist but I am someone who wants the very best for my dogs and what she said made perfect sense- when would a dog naturally eat grain, additives or preservatives? The answer is they wouldn’t so why would you feed them? In addition there numerous reports of cheap bulking ingredients being added and some which are even toxic! Around the same time a television programme aired which revealed some shocking facts about some of the big brand kibble diets. I decided to try Natural Instinct’s food for myself, so my pets and display dogs Maddie a Malinois, Sky a collie, Jazz a Dutch Herder and Ruby a Chihuahua were the lucky ones to trial the food. The result was amazing! So when I got Kali it was an easy decision which food to feed!

With Natural Instinct I am assured Kali is getting the best and the puppy diet she is on contains everything a growing puppy needs. What’s more It is convenient and easy to feed with no mess.

I like to use Kali’s food as a reward and aid to training. In this weeks film it shows Kali learning how to track. Tracking is a natural behaviour that few pet dogs get to indulge in, which is a pity as its fun and allows them to use their primary sense of smell. You can see Kali following the ground someone has walked on in order to find her food. We run courses in Scent training for pet dogs at my Training Centre in Wales and tracking is one of the elements we teach. Its amazing how much the dogs and owners enjoy it.

To have a go with your pup:

  • find an area of grass which hasn’t been walked on for 24 hours.
  • Start with someone holding your puppy so she can watch you lay the track
  • Mark the start ideally with a pole and scuff the ground around it with your feet leaving small piles of your dogs food in the disturbed area.
  • Walk in a straight line for approximately ten paces leaving a piece of food in each foot print
  • Once you have walked ten paces put lots of food in the last footprint
  • Return to your pup and retrace your footsteps pointing out the food at first( like me in the film)
  • As your pup gets the idea you won’t have to point to the food.
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