1. A Fluffy Reunion

    A Fluffy Reunion

  2. Puppy in a flower pot

    Kirsten Dillon - Step 3: Feeding Your Puppy

  3. Puppy sat in playpen on first night home

    Kirsten Dillon - Step 2: The First Night With Your Puppy

  4. Dog sat looking at the camera, surrounded by pumpkins in a field.

    Kirsten Dillon Shares Her Top Tips for Halloween With Your Furry Friend

  5. Dog asleep on owner in a fluffy donut bed

    Kirsten Dillon - Step 1: Choosing Your Puppy And Bringing Them Home

  6. Border Collie Dog Wearing Antlers Next To Christmas Tree

    How to Ensure Your Dog Stays Safe This Christmas

  7. Willow Goes Back to Training School

    Willow Goes Back to Training School

  8. Brown German Shepherd Dog laying in bed under the covers.

    The Dog That's Left Behind

  9. Introducing Louis the Labrador!

    Introducing Louis the Labrador!