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Canine First Aid Workshops by Rachel Bean

By Natural Instinct 5 years ago 7309 Views

Canine First Aid Courses | Rachel Bean | Natural InstinctFormer DogsTrust Assistant Manager and Head Nurse; Rachel Bean, is a listed qualified Veterinary Nurse registered with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Her many years of frontline practice have given Rachel the necessary experience in emergency situations and how to deal with trauma, accidents and life threatening conditions.

Rachel’s Canine First Aid Workshops have been successfully running for a number of years now and as her reputation has grown, she has been named as the preferred tutor for The Canine Hydrotherapy Association, The National Association Registered Canine Hydrotherapists and The Soi Dog Foundation Shelter in Phuket; Thailand, to name but a few.

Canine First Aid Workshop Content includes:                   Practical Sessions – Using REAL dogs includes:

• Introduction to First Aid    • Locating the femoral artery
 • Patient assessment – ABC’s    • Measuring pulse rate
 • Handling and restraint    • Emergency muzzling
 • Haemorrhage and arterial bleeds.    • Heimlich manoeuvre technique
 • Wound classification and treatment    • Bandaging
 • Insect stings    • Tourniquet application including dangers of use
 • Poisons, symptoms and common toxins    • CPR – Two sessions on CASPER model dog
 • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)    
 • Epilepsy    
• Oral obstructions and handling    
• Head and facial injuries    
• Drowning    
• First Aid kits    
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