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October 2019

​5 games to keep your dog on the ball during Winter!

By Kate Bendix 22 days ago 573 Views

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s that time of year again, autumn heading into winter, when long evening walks are a distant memory and muddy paws are the fashion until spring. It’s also when dogs are usually at their most bored because they’re not getting enough mental and sensory stimulation.

Teddy's Autumnal Update with Natural Instinct

By Morgan 25 days ago 285 Views

Teddy has always had an obsession with chasing leaves since he was a tiny puppy, so you can imagine he’s absolutely loving Autumn! I’ve find Natural Instincts beef pipes and duck necks to be amazing for these occasions, keeping his teeth clean and, more importantly, him occupied.

How to keep your pets safe & happy during fireworks

2 months ago 2423 Views

Every year on the 5th November bright dazzling fireworks dance across the sky in celebration of bonfire night. We believe the key to help keep your pets safe is knowing when to expect the fireworks and to be prepared in advance.

Posted in: General Advice

Tips to keep your furry family members safe this Halloween!

By Rachel Kirby 2 months ago 493 Views

Halloween is a fun time to celebrate with your friends and family, however, it also requires special precautions to make sure your furry family members stay safe! Here are a few tips from Natural Instinct to keep your pets safe on this Halloween!