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July 2019

How to raise a puppy on Natural Instinct

By Kate Bendix; broadcaster, journalist, founder of My Itchy Dog 23 days ago 1642 Views

If ever there was a blank canvas for raising a healthy dog, it’s when you’ve got a puppy on your hands. First of all, congrats. And, second, welcome to puppy parent hell. You’ve got training, teething, housetraining and furniture preserving to get on top of. Good luck!

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By Anna Webb; Broadcaster, Nutrition & Behaviour expert has studied with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies 1 month ago 992 Views

As a nation of animal lovers it’s a shocking fact that as dog ownership continues to rise, the numbers of dogs in rescues nationwide is soaring.

The nature of our modern online shopping culture has created a disposable mentality that encourages impulse puppy purchases and a non-committal trend.

In recent years buying a puppy couldn’t have become quicker and easier with the click of a mouse thanks to websites like Gumtree.

Unwittingly these enthusiastic puppy buyers have fuelled a dark, cruel trade known as puppy farming.

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