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General Advice

General Advice

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Autumn Tips

The autumn can be a stunning time of year with the leaves turning colour and nature preparing to rest and restore over the winter months. Many fields are newly ploughed and hedgerows cut back. It is a lovely time to be out and about with our dogs while the light levels are still good.

With the changing season come some different challenges and things to be aware of.

Weight Management

Let's set some new goals for the pets in our lives. Obesity is not just about what it looks like but can have serious consequences for your pets health and lead to diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and even cancer.

Can You Travel With Raw? See Goldie’s Journey…

When going away with our pets we often worry about the logistics of getting them from A to B, making sure they have all the essentials and of course that we take enough food to last the trip. The question that people often ask is, can I feed my dog a raw diet when I go away? Well the answer is absolutely yes you can!

We were thrilled when one of our wonderful customers, Lee Stirrup, offered to write a blog for us highlighting the ease of travelling with our frozen raw products!

It’s Totally Possible To Raw Feed Your Dog On Holiday!

Things To Do With Your Dog In The Winter!

Are you sick to death of the mud? I truly am, it seems there is nowhere decent to walk right now and give the dog a good run.

Your Dog Could Find Its Way Home? Who Knew?!

We’re all familiar with the iconic tale ‘Lassie Come Home’ by Eric Knight. The original film version starred Elizabeth Taylor and Roddy McDowell - a blockbuster of its day!

Walking To Heel In Perfect Sync – Make It Your New Year Resolution!

As it’s the Chinese ‘Year of the Dog’ there’s no excuse not to make some New Year’s resolutions that impact positively on your four-legged friend.

One study revealed that about 80% of dogs in the UK are not trained, which is a great shame as trained dogs are happy dogs, and certainly make happier owners!

New Year, New Dog, Blah, Blah, Blah….

Are you over it yet? The new year rush to be the better, brighter, fitter you (I’m sure the current you is just fabulous)? Has the biscuit tin been restored to its rightful place next to the kettle and tea bags? Is Davina’s (love Davina) new fitness DVD case being used as a coaster yet?

Should We Get A Puppy?

A dog is for life, not just Christmas

This slogan was the brain child of Clarissa Baldwin to reduce the thousands of puppies being abandoned post-Christmas having been purchased as Christmas presents. Unfortunately, this problem still remains and many puppies are purchased during the festive period without careful thought, research and ensuring that the recipient definitely wants one!

How My Dog Taught Me To Manage My Depression

It’s well known among my family and friends that I suffer from depression. I always have and over the years it’s got the better of me to the point where, once or twice, I’ve seriously considered suicide. I don’t write that sentence lightly, but when you’ve stopped yourself jumping in front of the 09.32 to London Victoria at the last moment, then worked so hard to make sure you’re never in that state again, I reckon you’ve earned the right to talk about it at least.

Keeping Your Dogs Safe In Winter

It is wintertime once again and we have already had some sharp frosts and the first ice on the roads and paths (well we have up north!). Winter walks can be lovely and bracing especially if the sun is shining and the sky is blue but the colder it gets the more care we have to take out and about with our dogs.

Help I Think My Dog Has A Behaviour Problem!

It is worrying and often stressful for the owner of a dog who is exhibiting problem behaviour.

Water is the fountain of life

These days we’re all much more familiar with the adage “ you are what you eat’.

A whole lot of offal!

Offal is the collective word for the secretory organs (organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and are released into the bloodstream) we can use as food and that have different properties to meat.

Ice Ball Treat

The pups in our pet pantry have come up with a scrummy recipe to get your dogs tails wagging! This is a quick, easy and nutritious recipe to make at home so make sure you get all of the family involved for some summer fun!

Summer Holidaying in Mainland Europe via Eurotunnel

I remember when the Pet Passport scheme was introduced in 2001. As a landmark event, it opened the horizons of mainland Europe as travelling destinations for you and your dog, without the draconian ‘quarantine’. 

Helping your dog cope with the hot days in the summer!

Some dogs absolutely love the hot summer days and are very happy spending their days sunbathing just as we might do. For a large percentage of dogs however, the heat can cause a lot of discomfort and even serious anxiety and distress.

Crate Training, Teaching Your Puppy to Love Their Crate!

Over the last 20 years the use of crates has grown in popularity and most people’s perception has changed from viewing them as a negative, a cage, to realising they can be a really helpful aid in training if used correctly. In fact, when you research about getting a new puppy they are often listed as an essential piece of equipment.

Fit, well trained dogs are happy dogs!

Medical issues such as obesity have a direct impact on how a dog feels and therefore how he or she behaves. Overweight dogs tire easily and can even be grumpy due to fatigue or aches and pains which are a direct result of excess weight. Joint pain is common in obese dogs and this can lead to pain induced aggression.

Thoughts on Dog Training…

I am sure everyone will agree that dogs are simply ace!

When you think about it the relationship they share with us is unique, we welcome them into our lives and integrate them as a member of our family.

Hygiene with Raw Food as the Temperature Goes Up

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some glorious days with some genuine late spring heat.  Food hygiene is important all year round but as the temperatures climb, it is a good time to review your food preparation routines.

Former BBC trained broadcast journalist, Kate Bendix’s, view on BBC’s Trust Me I’m A Vet!

Kate Bendix worked for many years in television documentaries. In 2009, she jacked it all in, embraced poverty, and started her own business ‘My Itchy Dog’. Being an experienced broadcaster and journalist Kate loves the sound of her own voice and features on radio shows and in dog magazines whenever she can get past security!

What are the three pillars of health?

Many years ago my dance teacher would say: “Your ankle joint is attached to your hip joint, which is attached to your elbows and your shoulders”.

Socialising your Puppy with other Dogs

An important aspect of puppy upbringing is teaching them to be confident and friendly towards other dogs.

Allergy and Food

Adverse food reactions (food allergy and intolerance) currently affect 5-10% of the canine population in the UK.

Managing Fleas Naturally

Just one fleabite is all it can take to create an allergic reaction. For many prone or atopic dogs and cats can be a long haul to fix.  Prevention is best and much easier than curing an allergy as I have found out the hard way!

The Secret to a Confident Pup- Socialisation and Habituation

When you welcome a new puppy into your home your role as a new puppy owner is one of an educator. Assuming you have sourced a well bred, genetically sound pup: how confident and well adjusted the puppy develops, is really down to you.

Top tips to help you have a Happy Easter with your dogs and cats

This is a fabulous time of year full of bright colours or new foliage and spring bulbs and real warmth coming from the sun once again to make us all feel better.  Easter time also brings with it some particular hazards for our dogs and sadly nearly always means extra work for veterinary surgeons! 

The Importance of Good Nutrition and Sourcing Your Puppy from a Good Breeder

Just over two weeks ago, with much anticipation and excitement, I collected my new addition- Taggie a working Labrador puppy.

London’s calling to a far away town – on the move again

Anna Webb, Author, Broadcaster, Trainer, Anna has studied natural nutrition & therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT).

Interactive Apple Treat

Defrost your Natural Instinct food in the fridge overnight ready for preparation.

Home Alone! Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Cope When Home Alone!

Inevitably, at some point your dog will find hiself home alone. Unfortunately if not prepared correctly, many dogs find this isolation hard to cope with and can easily become stressed. Some will even develop a behavioural problem known as separation anxiety. To avoid problems occurring  you can use techniques to teach your dog to be relaxed when alone. This results in them becoming confident when alone and secure in the knowledge you will return.

Puppy food… look no further than Natural Instinct!

As a company we are passionate about pets.  Our raw food ranges are packed full of the best human grade, DEFRA approved meats and bone with added fruit and vegetables and supplements. We are keen supporters of British produce and only use 100% British meat, poultry and fish. Our food is also frozen to retain all the natural goodness. We give you the assurance that you are feeding your puppies the very best.

Getting Fit This January

Dreary, cloudy, damp days, with the Christmas glitter behind us and all those New Year resolutions just about hanging in there is the classic time for starting the next fitness regime.  So let’s get launched into 2018, eat healthy food and get you and your dogs fit, celebrating that the longer days are returning. I can already just about see on my morning walk with Tali rather than guessing where the path is and hoping it hasn’t moved!

Safe Toys at Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving and the most common time for dogs to receive toys from you, your friends and relatives.   This is when you must be the responsible guardian in their lives and make sure that those well-meaning gifts are safe for your dog and sometimes simply smile sweetly, say thank you and pop the unsuitable presents away, safely out of reach!

Treat your Pet this Christmas

Christmas is the time when we all want to treat friends and family and that of course includes our dogs and cats!  To help your pets have a healthy Christmas and not have it spent at the vets, read labels carefully and avoid giving foods that your pets are not used to and especially treats that are full of E-numbers, sugars and preservatives, which may have enticing pretty coloured packaging but may not necessarily be healthy choices for your dogs and cats.

Be Aware - Poisonous Items at Christmas!

When the leaves have finally fallen from the trees, our gardens start looking bare and we all start spending more time inside, many of us turn to colourful winter houseplants and bring greenery indoors, especially at Christmas time. This can all look and smell lovely but can be a major hazard for inquisitive cats and dogs.

Dental Health and Raw Food Feeding

The total give away about the type of food that a dog is designed through their evolutionary history to eat, is their teeth.  A dog has four main types of teeth: canines, incisors, premolars and molars, each with a specific job to do:

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