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About Raw Food

  • What is Natural Instinct?

    Natural Instinct is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (“BARF”) for dogs and cats providing a balanced nutritional and delicious diet. Our recipes are packed full of the highest quality, fresh produce. Ingredients range from a wide variety of human grade 100% British raw meats with bone and offal to a selection of fresh vegetables. Natural supplements are also included packed full of additional vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients such as sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil and spinach.

  • Is a raw diet more expensive?

    It costs about £1.80 per day to feed a 25kg dog*. With a healthier pet, trips to the vet will be reduced too. (*based on Natural Chicken as at June 2019)

  • Can my dog get worms from raw food?
    A sense of perspective should be retained; your dog is far more likely to acquire worms at the park checking out the pit-stops of other dogs. Our foods are frozen at very low temperatures to ensure any worms or Oocytes no matter how unlikely to be present, would be killed at these low temperatures.
  • Are bones dangerous for my dog to eat?

    The simple answer is no, provided they haven’t been cooked first. You should never feed your dog cooked bones as this makes them brittle and therefore sharp which potentially could cause serious damage to the gut. Dogs need to learn how to chew bones. Chewing on raw bones also helps to clean a dog’s teeth. It is important when giving your dog anything to chew that you select an appropriate sized bone according to the size of your dog. You must supervise your dog to ensure no problems occur. Do not allow your dog to eat bones which have dried out as these can also splinter like cooked bones and become dangerous.


    When feeding bones, remember the three S's

    Supervise - Always supervise your pet when feeding bones.

    Separate - If you have a multi-dog household separate them when feeding bones to avoid fights.

    Size - You may initially have to teach your pet to eat bones, especially if they like to gulp   their food. Start with a bone larger than the size of your pet’s head to ensure it can’t   be swallowed e.g. a cow femur (knuckle end) for giant breeds.