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Behaviour & Training

Behaviour & Training

Behaviour & Training

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Indoor Games as the Days get Colder!

When the weather is simply too cold to brace for a long walk, what can you do to exercise your dog mentally and physically?

Training Simple Tricks Helps Keep Your Dog On The Ball!

I’m often asked if its possible to train an ‘old’ dog new tricks. The answer is Yes! It’s an ‘urban myth’ that senior dogs are impossible to train. If you’re blessed to take on a puppy at eight weeks, there’s really no excuse.

New Year, New Dog, Blah, Blah, Blah….

Are you over it yet? The new year rush to be the better, brighter, fitter you (I’m sure the current you is just fabulous)? Has the biscuit tin been restored to its rightful place next to the kettle and tea bags? Is Davina’s (love Davina) new fitness DVD case being used as a coaster yet?

Help I Think My Dog Has A Behaviour Problem!

It is worrying and often stressful for the owner of a dog who is exhibiting problem behaviour.

Crate Training, Teaching Your Puppy to Love Their Crate!

Over the last 20 years the use of crates has grown in popularity and most people’s perception has changed from viewing them as a negative, a cage, to realising they can be a really helpful aid in training if used correctly. In fact, when you research about getting a new puppy they are often listed as an essential piece of equipment.

Thoughts on Dog Training…

I am sure everyone will agree that dogs are simply ace!

When you think about it the relationship they share with us is unique, we welcome them into our lives and integrate them as a member of our family.

Socialising your Puppy with other Dogs

An important aspect of puppy upbringing is teaching them to be confident and friendly towards other dogs.

The Secret to a Confident Pup- Socialisation and Habituation

When you welcome a new puppy into your home your role as a new puppy owner is one of an educator. Assuming you have sourced a well bred, genetically sound pup: how confident and well adjusted the puppy develops, is really down to you.

The Importance of Good Nutrition and Sourcing Your Puppy from a Good Breeder

Just over two weeks ago, with much anticipation and excitement, I collected my new addition- Taggie a working Labrador puppy.

London’s calling to a far away town – on the move again

Anna Webb, Author, Broadcaster, Trainer, Anna has studied natural nutrition & therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT).

Interactive Apple Treat

Defrost your Natural Instinct food in the fridge overnight ready for preparation.

Home Alone! Things You Can Do To Help Your Dog Cope When Home Alone!

Inevitably, at some point your dog will find hiself home alone. Unfortunately if not prepared correctly, many dogs find this isolation hard to cope with and can easily become stressed. Some will even develop a behavioural problem known as separation anxiety. To avoid problems occurring  you can use techniques to teach your dog to be relaxed when alone. This results in them becoming confident when alone and secure in the knowledge you will return.

Getting Fit This January

Dreary, cloudy, damp days, with the Christmas glitter behind us and all those New Year resolutions just about hanging in there is the classic time for starting the next fitness regime.  So let’s get launched into 2018, eat healthy food and get you and your dogs fit, celebrating that the longer days are returning. I can already just about see on my morning walk with Tali rather than guessing where the path is and hoping it hasn’t moved!

Safe Toys at Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving and the most common time for dogs to receive toys from you, your friends and relatives.   This is when you must be the responsible guardian in their lives and make sure that those well-meaning gifts are safe for your dog and sometimes simply smile sweetly, say thank you and pop the unsuitable presents away, safely out of reach!

Be Aware - Poisonous Items at Christmas!

When the leaves have finally fallen from the trees, our gardens start looking bare and we all start spending more time inside, many of us turn to colourful winter houseplants and bring greenery indoors, especially at Christmas time. This can all look and smell lovely but can be a major hazard for inquisitive cats and dogs.

The Canine Microbiome

For many years the word bacteria has usually been associated with something bad i.e. something needing an antibiotic to get rid of.  More recently however, the understanding that animals and humans also have ‘friendly’ bacteria, has become accepted and most of us are familiar with the use of probiotics to replace ‘friendly’ bacteria in sick animals or animals that have had antibiotics. 

Why are dogs scared of fireworks? And how to help

We are often plagued with fireworks before and after Bonfire Night whilst this can be an exciting time for us, it can be a distressing time for our pets. 

First Aid Course - with the UK Blind Veteran’s Association

We were lucky to have qualified veterinary nurse, Rachel Bean, in again to run her fantastic Frist Aid Course with the UK Blind Veteran’s Association. 

Body, mind, behaviour


Body, mind, behaviour…in natural balance.

I have been a Canine Behaviour Consultant and Dog Trainer for over 20 years and for the vast majority of that time, I have been recommending Natural Raw food. The main reason is because I am passionate about dogs, their health and longevity.

Puppy Corner

A few wise words from Lez Graham when welcoming a new puppy! You know you’ve got a new puppy when...


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