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Why feed a raw diet from Natural Instinct?

Why feed a raw diet from Natural Instinct?

Natural Instinct is the no stress, no mess way to feed raw providing your beloved dogs and cats with a nutritionally balanced and delicious diet

Why Natural Instinct?

Thinking about trying a healthy raw diet for your dog or cat? Here’s a handy hit-list of just some of the reasons why Natural Instinct could be the best decision you’ve ever made on behalf of your loving pet:

  • We only use the finest ingredients - There is nothing artificial about our food. All recipes are made using 100% British meats, fish and poultry and we use the freshest fruit, vegetables and natural supplements to create wholesome and delicious meals.

  • It's scrumptious - (if you're a cat or a dog that is!). We pass the waggy tails test with flying colours. There's plenty of different tastes and textures available, so even if you've got a picky puppy or a fussy feline, there's bound to be something in our ranges that will tickle their fancy.

  • It's a healthy, balanced diet - Just like humans, our furry friends need the perfect diet to maintain strong bones, muscles and digestion. Getting the balance right will mean a much happier, healthier dog or cat, both inside and out. Our biologically appropriate raw food is 100% natural just as nature intended.

  • It's really convenient - Our raw food diet is the no stress, no mess way to feed raw. Our food is packaged in easy to store tubs in various sizes and all you need to do is simply defrost and serve, it is that easy!

  • It's safe - We've got all our paperwork in order - all our raw foods comply with DEFRA requirements and we carry out regular inspections and testing to ensure everything meets our impeccable health and safety standards.
Natural Instinct

Got any questions? Our team is happy to help - we know it can seem a big change, particularly if you’re looking for solutions for poorly pets or particular problems - so we’re always on hand to help answer any queries you may have.

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