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Testimonial with photo of  by Ulrika Jonsson
Ulrika Jonsson

Well, I can't tell you how much it's changed the dogs' lives - I even think Dot is perkier. Every dog should be on this diet. It's a crime that they aren't. YET.” She also wrote in the Sun recently – “There’s an overweight bitch in my house. She’s only three but her four legs are starting to buckle under her rotund belly. So imagine my delight when I was told of a new “diet” for dogs that is 100% raw meat and bone. It sounds vile but Natural Instinct is truly miraculous. After only two weeks, our darling Dot has even got her waist back. Go girl!

I have always had a keen interest in good diet, so why would I not have the same approach when it comes to my two Bulldogs? Before I discovered Natural Instinct, I thought kibble was the only way forward. But Natural Instinct has changed all that - it has re-written the rule book and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to know that my dogs are getting the best, the purest and tastiest (so they tell me) food they possibly could. It's just common sense and as far as I'm concerned every dog should be on it. My dogs are trimmer, healthier and in better spirits. You are what you eat, after all. And it couldn't be easier to order - Natural Instinct deliver to your door the next day! I just can't recommend it enough and I am so grateful I've found such an amazing product for my beloved Dot and Dexter.

Testimonial with photo of  by Nadja Swarovski
Nadja Swarovski

Our two Siamese cats are an integral part of our family. Their health and well-being is of utmost concern to us and we would only feed them the highest quality fresh nutritious food. Ever since the cats have been eating Natural Instinct we have seen a tremendous change in the shine of their coats, and in their overall wellbeing and happiness. We can’t recommend it highly enough – Natural Instinct is what all pets should be eating.
Testimonial with photo of Sky by Nadja Swarovski
Nadja Swarovski


"My family has recently been joined by a Japanese Spitz puppy named Sky. Since her first day in the house she has been desperate to steal the cat's Natural Instinct food. I couldn't help but give in and swapped her dry food to Natural Instinct dog food. We (and others!) are amazed at how gorgeous her coat now looks. The food is of the best quality, the animals adore it and the customer service is second to none."
Testimonial with photo of  by Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh

I started feeding my dogs on Natural Instinct raw food a few months ago and I cannot begin to explain the difference it has made! Their coats are SO much shinier, their breath is nicer, their farts don’t stink, their poos are AMAZING – firm and easy to pick up (any dog owner knows what a joy a hard poo is!), they’re happier and they’re (dare I say it) calmer!! My rescued Jack Russell Jeff used to give me nightmares at dinner time as getting him to eat was such a struggle, he came from an awful background into my loving home with 5 other dogs and he was very nervous, I used to worry so much that he wasn’t eating enough as he would barely even look at his food. Now, he wolfs it down in about 20 seconds and even tries to steal the other’s food! He literally can’t get enough of it! I cannot praise this food enough; I only wish I had known about it sooner as I would have ALWAYS used it. I actually feel sorry for my dogs (and also feel like a bad mummy) that until now they were basically eating “junk” food!! I would never switch back to that horrible processed dog food again. Natural Instinct is nutritious and healthy and like a gourmet Michelin starred meal compared to the rubbish I was feeding them before.
The ingredients alone speak for themselves! I have just got some of the “Christmas feast” meals and they have so many good things in them, from flaxseed to cranberry! I genuinely feel bad that I was so unaware how awful normal pet shop brand dog food is!
I also have 4 cats and they are very fussy with food. I’ve tried every brand going and they can always take it or leave it (again making me worry that they weren’t eating enough). When I started feeding the dogs Natural Instinct, the cats would swarm around me as I was serving it (jumping up onto the counter and sticking their heads in the dog bowls) and I would be fighting them off as I tried to make the dogs’ dinners. So now, the cats are on it too and, like the dogs, they wolf it down!! They can’t get enough of it.
When you come to think of it; they are animals at the end of the day. In the wild they would eat other animals “as nature intended”, they wouldn’t eat a tin of brown cooked meat in a horrible looking gravy or jelly with a ton of rubbish added to bulk it up?!!! Raw food is exactly what they SHOULD be eating. It’s a no brainer for me and I’d just like to sum up by saying a massive THANK YOU to Natural Instinct for improving the health, well-being, happiness, coats, poos and farts of my dogs!!! This is life-changing!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial with photo of Pre-vet med.  by Chloe Sinclair BSc and Rue
Chloe Sinclair BSc and Rue

Pre-vet med.

Rue was adopted at 9 months old from Cheshire Dogs home, she waited over 7 months for a home because she was deaf and nobody wanted to adopt her. I have had Rue for just over a year now. Rue was completely hyperactive and struggled with her digestion however since we made the switch to Natural Instinct Rue is much calmer, her digestion troubles have gone, her coat is healthy and shiny, she has no tartar build up on her teeth and she also has little to no smell to her stools and flatulence! I am so happy that I have finally found a diet that works for Rue and is also convenient for me. Although Rue cannot hear, her confidence has grown and she has lost the timidity she once had and matured into a relaxed, confident and happy dog. Thank you Natural Instinct.
Testimonial with photo of  by Deborah Vernon
Deborah Vernon

“We thought you may want to know that Hefner (Graceleigh Playboy JW) was awarded his 1st Challenge Certificate at Boston Championship Show at age 27 months”. He has been on Natural Instinct since been a puppy and his vet is Sue Armstrong. We think he has done very well gaining his 1st Challenge Certificate and 2 Reserve Challenge Certificate at his age in Golden Retrievers but his condition is down to his food.”

Testimonial with photo of Broadcaster, Author, Trainer, studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT)  by Anna Webb
Anna Webb

Broadcaster, Author, Trainer, studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT)

Believing “you are what you eat”, I grew up with our English Springers’ fed ‘an old fashioned diet’ of meat, leftovers and bones. I was shocked to find that dry food was presented as the ‘de-facto’ way to feed Molly, my late Miniature Bull Terrier, 14 years ago.

It felt alien to feed a ‘primary carnivore’ just on processed pellets. I opted to follow her breeder’s advice: “raw meat, green tripe, veggies and fruit”.

I’m a fan of Natural Instinct for bringing convenience into feeding a raw, I like to say ‘natural’ feeding choice. Simply store, thaw and serve!  It’s also about the peace of mind that my ‘furkids’ are eating ‘well’ with nutritional dense and completely balanced meals.

They’re all great fans of Natural Instinct’s ‘beef jerky’ – even Gremlin will raise a paw to this.


Testimonial with photo of Boo  by Rosie Reid March 2016
Rosie Reid March 2016


"I am so proud of Boo for winning the Friends for Life final at Crufts, it is such a prestigious award. Boo battles a heart defect she was born with that almost took her life recently yet she is always being complimented on her shiny coat, her healthy glow and her amazing teeth! I truly believe her top condition is down to Natural Instinct. Very soon after I switched to Natural Instinct I began to see the positive changes in her, inside and out and it continues to show in her health."
Testimonial with photo of  by Jo Croft MA (Professional Practice in Canine Psychology and Training) VN MCFBA GoDT (MT)
Jo Croft MA (Professional Practice in Canine Psychology and Training) VN MCFBA GoDT (MT)

Despite a 17 year career as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, I still spent years struggling to find a suitable diet for my first labrador who suffered from atopy and food allergy, my goal was to always source the most natural form of feeding possible to eliminate allergens. Sadly, at this time there were only cooked wet foods or dry dog foods on the market unless I wanted to source and prepare my own form of raw feeding, this just wasn't viable for me at the time. Plus I had witnessed many situations of surgical intervention where clients had attempted to feed raw themselves with catastrophic consequences.

I am now a Qualified canine behaviorist with a masters degree in canine psychology and training, and I have witnessed first hand the benefits of Natural Instinct, not only for dogs suffering from allergies but the improvement in the health and behavior generally of dogs on this diet has been easy to observe.

When I took ownership of an extremely unbalanced golden-doodle puppy my first instinct was to reach for a natural raw food product and Natural Instinct didn't disappoint. I believe his transition onto this food was a fundamental part of his rehabilitation to becoming the balanced dog he is today.

I am hugely impressed at the quality of the ingredients in the product, the attention to detail during preparation and the customer support and delivery, which is second to none.

 With this in mind “I feed both my dogs Natural Instinct and I am proud to recommend and endorse it to my clients. I can confidently say it has made a huge difference to the behaviour of the dogs I have rehabilitated and the health and energy levels of my own dogs speak for itself.”

Testimonial with photo of  by Andy Tennant
Andy Tennant

Being a professional athlete my diet is something that is integral for me to get right, so I figure why should my fury friends not have the diet of an athlete too? Burt the Pug is prone to being a little bit of a chubster so we have to be careful with what he eats. We previously fed Burt on raw but made it up ourselves. Burt absolutely loved it but the scales said otherwise. Since we have fed him various different dry foods in which he really wasn’t impressed with, he became quite a fussy eater, which is not like him at all. Esmae the Frenchie has always been quite fussy and has never really been excited for her food… that was until Natural Instinct arrived! Now both Burt and Esmae dance for their food, inhale it within seconds and cannot wait for meal times! Burt’s weight has stayed consistent and both of their coats are so soft and shiny, which they get so many comments about. I have even noticed their stools are firmer and there is now less. Esmae, unlike Burt, is very lean and struggled to gain weight, with Natural Instinct however she has really bulked up and looks quite the athlete with her lean muscular physique. Her guns would be envy to any skinny cyclist like myself!
The team at Natural Instinct is knowledgeable and on hand to help with any queries you my have. We received our package which arrived promptly and contained a full feeding guidance with all the information we needed to know on the fantastic product. It is easy to feed and saves all the faf of preparing raw at home yourself and ensures the quantities of each important ingredient are perfect.
A big thank you from me and my wife and a big sloppy kiss from Burt and Esmae for making meal times so yummy.
Testimonial with photo of Xanthos Debbie Does Dallas by Heather Morss
Heather Morss

Xanthos Debbie Does Dallas

I have been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 35 years producing many champions who win in the show ring and work to the gun, at the highest level of obedience. To work a dog all winter and have them back in the show ring at the peak of fitness with the best coat for Crufts in March, takes a good food. Natural Instinct has never let me down on its quality or its results. I recommend it without hesitation.
Testimonial with photo of Brodie by Leanne Ward
Leanne Ward


Brodie is a rescue lurcher and the rescue centre said she had the most fleas and worms they had ever seen, they didn't know if she would survive. I did lots of research into raw feeding and have been feeding Natural Instinct ever since. I do agility with Brodie and I have also raced her and practice Gundog work. She is now in the best of health.
Testimonial with photo of Remy  by Duncan Janaway
Duncan Janaway


I would like to thank Michelle and her team for all of their help over the last 6 months with my dog Remy’s diet.

We have tried all different brands and types of food in trying to find a product that suits her sensitive digestive system. Remy is a Hungarian Vizsla, a breed prone to digestive issues.

Having had a consultation with Bianca, Natural Instinct’s Pet Nutritionist and Michelle, Remy had a tasting session of many of the Natural Instinct flavours. As a result of this we found a suitable balanced diet to suit Remy’s particular taste. Having been on Natural Instinct raw food diet continuously now I can definitively say she is in amazing shape, her coat is glossy, her teeth are gleaming and I have a very happy working dog!

Testimonial with photo of Charlie by Liam Landymore
Liam Landymore


“Charlie, is my best friend, he has helped me overcome severe depression and helps me cope with PTSD on a daily basis, he deserves to eat the best food out there and I believe Natural Instinct is the best. Charlie's coat is always glossy and soft to touch and he is thriving. Before we moved him to Natural Instinct he was a really picky eater now he enjoys every meal. As a dog trainer and the founder of Liam's MOB I love the natural treats too, they are so easy to store in the freezer and defrost them when I have a training session, I also know that what I am giving my dogs is full of goodness and free from additives. If my dogs are happy then I am happy".

Testimonial with photo of Kylo  by Gretchen Moore – Marketing Director at Pets Pyjamas
Gretchen Moore – Marketing Director at Pets Pyjamas


Kylo was suffering terribly from digestion issues before we moved him over to Natural Instinct. The vets had us on all sorts of restrictive diets. We switched him over with a lot of support and hand holding from the lovely Natural Instinct team and have not looked back since! His digestion issues are now a distant memory and we've not had a trip to the vets since. He is toned and muscular and has a deliciously glossy coat to match. The cherry on the top was the change to his behaviour. He is a boisterous pup with bounds of energy who at times would struggle with concentration and self-control. These days he is so much calmer and easier to communicate with which makes our precious time together all the more amazing. If you are thinking of giving it a try, just do it!
Testimonial with photo of Shae by Nicola Owen
Nicola Owen


Shae is a 20 month English Shepherd and has been raw fed since I brought her home at the age of 8 weeks. She loves all varieties of Natural Instinct and loves the challenge of a kong stuffed with Natural Instinct mince. I love the versatility of the food as I can alter the amounts easily depending on the amount of exercise she has had. She’s also an agility dog and Natural Instinct Working Dog Range gives her the energy and condition needed to train twice a week and compete at the weekends. I also found the treats, especially beef jerky stick, fabulous for training!
Testimonial with photo of Siobhan by Amy LaReau
Amy LaReau


Siobhan is prone to putting on weight, which is dangerous for her heart condition and it was difficult to manage this on dry food. However, with Natural Instinct, it is easy to manage her weight. People will stop and ask what type of food she is being fed, because “her coat is so lovely.” I can't say enough good things about Natural Instinct!
Testimonial with photo of Pepper & Ellie by Emma Gourley
Emma Gourley

Pepper & Ellie

Natural Instinct was their introduction to raw feeding. Ellie had suffered from recurring chronic diarrhoea for months and Pepper was showing signs of wheat intolerance. Since moving to raw food these problems have disappeared in both dogs and they are both much happier and healthier now. Finally, Pepper is slowly losing the extra weight that she was carrying.
Testimonial with photo of Flo by Wendy Brooks
Wendy Brooks


My name is Flo the Cockerpoo and according to those who know me I'm a bit of a princess. I'm not one to complain but sometimes my people forget my position and have been known to expect me to behave like an ordinary pet, however one thing they never get wrong is my diet. Natural Instinct has been my food of choice since I was a new puppy. Even my vet is impressed with my silky coat, my gleaming teeth and my delightful ears! I don't like to brag but I've not had one upset tummy ever! My breath is so sweet no one turns away when I speak and did I mention my slim waist line. I don't know what those clever Natural Instinct chefs put in it but keep up the good work, you have achieved the highest standard and can boast to be by Royal Appointment to Princess Flo!
Testimonial with photo of Kenzo by Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson


Kenzo our shar-pei puppy is extremely special to us so it was very important we chose the best diet for him. The Natural Instinct food is fantastic, Kenzo loves it and has the all the energy and vitality of a growing puppy at the peak of his health. We have peace of mind that we are raising our puppy on a natural and healthy diet and giving him the very best start to life.
Testimonial with photo of Meg by Angela Halls
Angela Halls


My 3 year old Lurcher Meg has been fed on Natural Instinct now for 12 months. Prior to this I could not keep any weight on her and her frequent toileting habits were very unpleasant! She now has a lovely covering and looks the picture of good health. As a puppy I fed her dried food and she was always very nervous and skittish. Since being on a totally natural instinct raw diet I have also found she has so much more confidence. I will never change from raw food now.
Testimonial with photo of Millie by Lucy Light
Lucy Light


Millie suffered from a persistent stomach upset that left her very unwell back in June. Having been advised a very bland, basic diet and no treats by the vets, poor Millie was not happy and started declining food. The decision was made and we put Millie onto the Natural Instinct special diet and since then her tummy troubles have gone, her tail does not stop wagging and no more vet trips! Millie’s treat is to visit the shop herself with Mum and Dad to choose more yummy combinations of Natural Instinct food and raw bones she now happily feeds on alongside the special diet.
Testimonial with photo of Presley by Karen Heriott
Karen Heriott


For over eight years Presley has suffered from Canine Atopic Dermatitis and he bravely went to the vets every month for repeat immunotherapy treatment. Presley consistently picked up ear and eye infections and endured severe skin irritation which led him to scratching himself raw. We finally made the decision to change his diet to Natural Instinct in December 2012. Almost immediately we noticed the change in him and the difference is remarkable. Presley now very rarely shows signs of the dermatitis, he no longer requires the immunotherapy injections and there was no need for the extra boost of anti-histamines that controlled the flare-ups in the summer months. I strongly believe that this food has 100% helped.
Testimonial with photo of Sidney by Phoebe Leake
Phoebe Leake


My name is Sidney and I am 6 months old. When I first came home I was very poorly as I had a very bad stomach ache. I had to be taken to the vets many times and it was after that my mum started to feed me the Natural Instinct food. Finally I felt a whole lot better as it gave me all the nutrients and vitamins I needed to have a happy tummy. From now on I will eat nothing but Natural Instinct. I always look forward to meal times and never leave anything!
Testimonial with photo of Candice Lawther by Morgan

Candice Lawther

Morgan was diagnosed with degenerative brain and chronic bowel disorder at 18 months old. Having spent 6 months on steroids with very little effect and numerous attempts at various other feeding options her weight was getting lower and lower to a point it was critical. Finally, last November Morgan started the Natural Instinct raw working dog diet and from there she gained weight, her coat took on a new shine and more importantly she regained her energy and vitality. Even her shaking is hardly noticeable anymore.
Testimonial with photo of Mr Murphy by Suzanne Garvey
Suzanne Garvey

Mr Murphy

I get almost daily comments (including from our vet!) on Mr Murphy’s condition and have introduced many people to the benefits of Natural Instinct, not only for their dogs health and condition but also for the convenience on the owners part. The packs are easily divided into meals and store very well in the freezer and fridge once thawed.
Testimonial with photo of William by Elaine Estall
Elaine Estall


My Cocker Spaniel, William, was kibble fed for the first 5 years of his life and suffered with continual skin irritations, ear infections and stomach upsets. Although he was getting lots of exercise and doing agility training and competitions it was a bit of a battle keeping him slim. Then, after talking to other Cocker owners who were raw feeders, I decided to change William to the convenient, complete meals from Natural Instinct. The transformation in William was amazing and happened so quickly. No more itchy skin, ear infections or lip fold pyoderma. No more sickness and no more problems keeping my lovely boy slim. William is now 9 years old and I get lots of compliments about how well he looks for his age, especially when people see how active and bright he is. He now has a real love of life and I can’t recommend Natural Instinct highly enough.
Testimonial with photo of Roly by Samantha Ghiotti
Samantha Ghiotti


We've had Roly our whippet from 7 weeks old, he's now 4 months. When we got him I made sure I got the best food for him (or so I thought!) but having tried a string of various puppy food he just turned his nose up and would not eat them. Finally I decided to go into my local pet store and discuss the problem. I was recommended Natural Instinct and was a bit sceptical at first but I decided to give it a try. Ever since his supper and breakfast bowls are licked clean! He loves it and it is exactly what he needs. We know the ingredients you use and it is all good and natural with no artificial additives or fillers. I am sticking to this range now as I am very impressed!
Testimonial with photo of Ollie (Spot) by Julie Austin MICB CB.Dip
Julie Austin MICB CB.Dip

Ollie (Spot)

Spot, (Ollies’ pet name) is our beloved rescue dog from Southern Ireland. We picked Ollie up from a rescue centre in Buckingham in March 2012. Prior to this Ollie had escaped a rehoming centre in Tipperary, surviving for 6 months from November 2011 to March 2012 on the run until he was finally picked up in Dublin and shipped over to the U.K for rehoming. Poor Spot was so mal-nourished, he had no muscle tone at all, was filthy dirty and looked so sad………. and to cap it all he was discovered to be totally deaf! Within 6 weeks of having him he had enough sign language to enable us to communicate with him, but we couldn’t stem his eating habits. He was ravenous where food was concerned and behaved manically at the sniff of ‘anything’ consumable. His skin was also poor, he suffered from eczema and his own toileting habits were dreadful. It was then we were recommended Natural Instinct. Ollie Tudor’s life has now changed dramatically since starting the NI diet. He is fed almost exclusively on Natural Instinct, bar the odd treat! Spot is now the picture of health and cleaning up him is so easy and much more pleasant. We could never have imagined how much this little deaf boy, who would have been on the scrap heap, has given to us as a family.
Testimonial with photo of Gaius & Titus by Neji Fadhlaoui
Neji Fadhlaoui

Gaius & Titus

First time I started feeding Natural Instinct (NI) was a few years ago with my first dog who had severe allergies and chronic arthritis. I started to feed him NI when he was 7 years old, prior to this the vet said he won't last the year due to his condition. However, no idea how but after approx a month of NI my dogs joints were visibly improved his fur started growing back as he lost a lot due to the meds. This can only be due to his diet change. He lived till he was 11. I can't say enough positive stuff about NI every dog really should be on this. 2 years later, I now have another puppy the breeder was feeding him a competitors brand of raw food. However his poop was too soft and he always had a upset tummy. I started feeding him NI and within a couple of days his feces was how it should be, and all was good. Again Natural Instinct has proved to be the best raw food you possibly can feed your dog. And that comes from my dogs not just me :)
Testimonial with photo of Dan - Nikara Diamond Dancer (Reserve Best in Show - Crufts 2014) by Val Freer
Val Freer

Dan - Nikara Diamond Dancer (Reserve Best in Show - Crufts 2014)

I can confirm all my dogs love your food and the variety of flavours. The treats are also a winner! I've been feeding raw for over 15 years, mainly to keep my dogs more healthy and to cut down on vet bills! I always use a variety of meals and chicken wings/carcasses mixed with fresh veggies. Zoe is now 5 months and has been fed on Natural Instinct puppy food since picking up some packs to try.
Testimonial with photo of Hades and Nero by Carla Matthews
Carla Matthews

Hades and Nero

I was recommended to go raw with my puppies by a relative from across the Pond - I wondered if this is something that had caught on here and after researching all over google decided on Natural Instincts. It is the best decision I have made, both are so happy on they diet. Before switching over Hades had such a terrible stomach with processed food which cleared up instantly. I was nervous about switching over but all the nutritional hard work has been done by Natural Instincts and as I have become more confident we have supplemented with duck necks and chicken wings! Cannot recommend highly enough!
Testimonial with photo of Ralph & Flynn by Carol Ashley
Carol Ashley

Ralph & Flynn

We have owned our beloved Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas, Ralph and Flynn, from when they were puppies. Having developed continual skin, eye and ear problems I put both dogs on your diet. After just a couple of months there was improvement in both dog’s health – and my vet’s bill! The added benefits included leaner dogs with more muscle tone, fantastic coats, less ‘waste’, fresh breath and no wind!
Testimonial with photo of Misty by Vanessa Cleland
Vanessa Cleland


Misty, my Blue Colourpoint Ragdoll, loves her life since being introduced to raw by her breeder. Natural Instinct is the best food for cats, it does exactly what it says on the tub. No fillers or rubbish… just what nature intended cats to eat! I have noticed how good Misty’s fur is, she’s also strong and agile.
Testimonial with photo of Mira by Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith


I am a breeder of Bengal cats and I have been watching the benefits of feeding Natural Instinct for a few years now. My kittens are more muscular, with shiny coats and endless energy as you can see in Mira! The difference is so noticeable even my vet who is not a raw food advocate has to admit the difference.
Testimonial with photo of Oscar Wilde by Lara Morris
Lara Morris

Oscar Wilde

My Bengal called Oscar Wilde has always been fed Natural Instinct and he loves it. People are always commenting on how soft, silky and shiny his coat is. He has beautiful clear eyes and his teeth are perfect too. We are happy that he is getting all the right nutrients so thank you!
Testimonial with photo of Spooks by Jordan Estill
Jordan Estill


Ever since Spooks was adopted from a local rescue 2 years ago, it has been difficult to keep him healthy both physically and emotionally. It seemed that no matter what he was fed, he just couldn't maintain a good weight and would lack interest in food. After many vet visits and lots of research I switched him onto Natural Instinct. The benefits have been numerous and frankly, amazing. 
Finally, he is a healthy weight, his fur is like silk and he seems so much happier in himself probably due to the absence of needless additives! For the first time since he was rescued, he is excited about mealtimes and literally licks the bowl clean. I could not have envisaged what a difference feeding a BARF diet would make to his life and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.
Testimonial with photo of Scatters by Kat Clarke
Kat Clarke


Scatters was rescued by the Blue Cross after being dumped at only 2 weeks old and was suffering from severe stomach upsets. We took him in and tried him on various types of food, however his tummy problems continued until we tried Scatters on the yummy Natural Instinct! Almost immediately his tummy problems cleared up. Scatters has been on Natural Instinct for 2 years now and his life is puurrfect!