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Charities & Rescues

Natural Instinct Dog Charity Support

Charities & Rescues

Natural Instinct are proud to support various charities & Rescues who dedicate their time & energy to helping animals and people alike.


Dog A.I.D (Assistance In Disability)

From the first moment we met Sandra from Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability), Natural Instinct wanted to get involved with this dog-centric charity. Although the basic premise of this programme is to train dogs to help their physically disabled owners live a more fulfilling and independent life, what really makes this life-changing charity truly distinct is the fact that it's the family pet and not a specially bred pup that takes the lead in its owner’s retraining.

Dog A.I.D. taps into strong ties and mutual trust that already exist between owner and pet. By ensuring that it is the owner who is tasked with his or her pet’s retraining programme, (ably assisted by their trainers) this is a genuine, ahead-of-its-time charity that works tirelessly to foster and advance the evolving, mutually beneficial relationship that naturally exists between an eager-to-please pooch and its owner.

“Another milestone has been reached by the charity, our first independent office!  Our grateful thanks must go to Natural Instinct for their support, they are covering the difference in rent from our old office to the new one for 1 year.  They also provided “probono” solicitors work through the Law firm that Michelle Machin-Jefferies, the current acting MD of Natural Instinct and her husband own, CP Law Wokingham.  What wonderful people they have been.  We will now have the space to work more efficiently and accommodate volunteers to help us.

As Chairman of Dog A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability), I cannot begin to say just how much the hugely generous support from Natural Instinct means to the charity and to me personally.  As a Trustee and as a dog trainer/behaviourist, it is important to me that we promote healthy ethically produced nutrition for dogs (in particular) and Natural Instinct ticks all the right boxes and more! Without exception, the staff are a delight to deal with on every level which is a bonus.”

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Sandra Fraser, Chairperson DogAid – December 2015

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Labrador Lifeline

The Labrador Lifeline Trust

Natural Instinct is extremely proud of our association with this fantastic Trust, as we have a rescued Labrador within our NI family. The staff of LLT work tirelessly to find the right home for every Labrador in need, and until the perfect home is found, each dog is fostered to "maintain a flow of uninterupted home life" - as this can make settling in to a new forever home much easier for all concerned.

The Trust has rescued many dogs in need of help and have even paid for some to be moved to the UK from abroad, rescuing them from horrendous conditions and life threatening situations. Natural Instinct feeds any fostered dog in need of nutritional assistance.

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Dogs for good

Dogs for Good

Dogs for Good is a life-transforming charity, creating exceptional partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs.

Through practical assistance a dog can offer freedom and independence to children and adults with physical disabilities and children with autism.

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BA Dog Behaviour and Training

Appledown Rescue & Rehoming

Based in Bedfordshire, Appledown Rescue and Rehoming Kennels have been taking in stray dogs from many parts of the local area since 1999.

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DDB Rehab and Home

As a dog behaviourist and the Director of a rescue centre where we take in the most unfortunate dogs in our society, I will only feed a raw diet. I advise all my clients to do so and no matter how much processed food is offered to the rescue centre, I politely decline it. Money can be very tight in our small rescue and there are times in the past when I have funded it myself. But still, our dogs will only eat a raw diet - that is how important I believe the correct diet to be.

For the past eighteen months, we have been fortunate enough to have been gifted substantial quantities of Natural Instinct. This is a superior quality food that ensures that our dogs thrive and one we could not afford to buy. Thanks to Natural Instinct, we have been able to save more lives, keep our vet bills down, because a good diet means healthy dogs and enjoy the compliments our dogs always get when out in the world about their superb condition.

Thank you Natural Instinct, for helping us to help those who can’t help themselves.

Ruth Owen
BA Dog Behaviour and Training

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Cinque Ports Rescue Logo

Cinque Ports Rescue and Winnie

Based in Kent, Cinque Ports are a small group of experienced dog lovers and rescuers who spend their time rescuing and rehoming dogs and sometimes other animals. The organisation uses foster homes to be able to make true assessments of the dogs they rescue and helping them find their forever home.

We are proud to be able to support Cinque Port Rescue with a regular delivery of raw dog food for the dogs in their care.

We are also thrilled to sponsor Winnie one of their long term rescues who will always be with them. Winnie.

Winne, a beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux, was born with only 3 legs, abnormalities to her rib cage and a malformed jaw. The team at Cinque Ports fell in love with her immediately and have cared for her ever since, ensuring she has the best medical care and diet available!

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