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Raw Cat Food - Feeding as Nature Intended.
Raw Dog Food - The no stress, no mess, way to feed raw.
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Luna & Mike’s Adventure Up Mount Snowdon!

When I first started looking into the possibility of owning a dog, the one thing I knew was a guarantee was that things in my life at that time would need to change. I just didn’t realise how much. Luna, my cockapoo, has opened my world up and given me greater opportunities and more of a push to be adventurous outdoors.

Natural Instinct's Guide to Pet Friendly Weddings

Did your beloved pet make the guest list? When it comes to romance, nothing quite says “love is in the air” like a wedding. Standing up in front of your family and friends to declare your lifelong commitment to each other is a highlight in the cute love story you share with your soulmate, and the memories you make together on this day will last forever.

​Keeping your dog safe, and sane, at Christmas

25 Oct 2018 10:59:26

Top tips for keeping your dog safe, and sane, at Christmas! Stick a dog or two into that little lot and that’s a lot of plates you’re spinning. Here are a few ways to make the dog part go swimmingly.

PFMA launches new safety Raw Dog food feeding guide

The Pet Food Manufacturers' Association has launched a brand new infographic and guide to help with tips on handling raw dog food safely. Good hygiene practice is always important when handling fresh, frozen or freeze-dried raw food.